Battling Lots of Dead Stuff

Last time we spoke, I was slogging my way through Diablo and the middle levels of my Wizard. I was enjoying it and going to bed far too late because I…the…next…checkpoint…!

Anyway, yesterday I finally dinged 60! I’ve been working so hard to understand the game and the gear and my character, but I’m finding the grinding a little monotonous at the moment, which is why it’s taking me so long.

Here she is anyway:

Aviary Photo_130453618699177739

I have been playing in the new Adventure Mode which has been pretty cool. I really like the idea of the bonuses and objectives – questing certainly gives the game a sense of purpose and feels less grindy. I’ve also been happy with the recently improved Legendary drop rate – it’s a pretty good sense of satisfaction when one drops! I have had some fun choosing the intricacies of my characters abilities – I miss that from WoW, putting in your own spec points. It’s fun trying different things.

However, there are some bad points. Firstly, the movement of Diablo feels really clunky and although I’ve logged a fair number of hours played (over 30!) I still can’t move that easily. I get stuck in the middle of mobs, even with movement on a key bind. Then there’s the whole clicking to pick up gear which is difficult when the boxes are so small and if you don’t get it exactly right, you move forward. I find the gear a bit tricky to understand with all the stats on it – so I’ve just gone for “if the shoe fits, wear it”. Yes, I totally had a sword for 5 levels as no staff dropped! :p Of course, the resetting of the map is really annoying. I understand why they do it, but when you’ve taken an hour to fully explore the area then get DC’d or have to pop out….. ugh, put me off playing last week.

I also find the movement thing awkward, but really, that’s the only complaint I have. I’ve been loving every minute of D3 and I’m now well into the Paragon levels. It’s also pretty cool levelling with friends, makes the whole experience better. I’m still with the Crusader, who is awesome:

Aviary Photo_130453618874054796

I have also recently started a Witch Doctor called Rafiki, who gains a level per mob at the moment with those Paragon points!

The necessary evil of the random loot rolls for stats is a little bit frustrating, but there’s so much to do that you can’t get bored. I actually like that the map changes each time as this keeps you logging in. Transmogging is also pretty cool, I’ve been enjoying using that feature (as you can see!).

Anyway, we’ll update again soon… if you fancy a game, let us know!



Dealings with Diablo

So we caved and bought the Diablo expansion this week, for a bargain price I might add! Neither of us have a max level character – yet – but the allure of the Crusader and the Adventure Mode just proved too much!

I’m hogging it at the moment, I’ve rolled a Crusader and as we’re speaking, I’m level 36.

Aviary Photo_130442911360887114

He looks beasty, huh? I haven’t had much time played as yet, but I thought I’d give a super quick overview thus far.

Good Things!

  • Crusaders hit like bricks – you can pull so many mobs at once!!
  • They look awesome :p

Bad Things

  • Not having more time to play.

As I said, only level 36 so I’m really looking forward to looking at the new content the expansion offers. I’ll update as and when I get there… shouldn’t be too long!

I was finally able to get access when he went off to work last night and managed to get my little Wizard to level 42. Here she is:

Aviary Photo_130442911203357741

I’ve just reached Act 5 and unlocked the transmogrifyer. This’ll be awesome when I decide what I want to look like. At the moment she looks a bit derpy with the hat she has on, but never mind.

Act 5 is more of the same, I enjoyed the Vestibule of Light as it was so pretty, but I’m currently in the dark underbelly of somewhere so that’s not as fun. I’m looking forward to reaching max level and this Adventure Mode I’ve been hearing so much about.

We have a Minecraft post for you next, stay tuned!