Treasure Trove Scenario

The Treasure Trove scenario – a solo experience aimed at enabling you to pic up a whole host of goodies.

Quick Info

  • Kill rares on the Isle of Thunder (list and map) to get a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen
  • Hand the key in to Taoshi in the cave at 51,46 to gain access
  • Loot chests to have a chance at things like Elder Charms, Rep tokens and Burial Trove Keys (for extra chests at the end)

As far as we’re concerned, this scenario is good for two things: getting as much gold and charms as possible, or for getting to the last room to loot the golden treasure chests.

1. Final Room run

Pros: hi-tailing it to the final room and killing the  boss there gets you access to 3 special chests which contain a chance at better loot.

Cons: there’s only a chance at the better loot – it doesn’t always pay off. You also miss out on loads of chests which contain the goodies along the way. However, if you get there quick, you can always double back and loot some in the time you have remaining.

Extras used: Potion of Light Steps (1 Elder Charm, requires Friendly with Kirin Tor Offensive), 3 Polymorphic Keys (3 charms each, requires Exalted with Kirin Tor Offensive).

Our view: It’s not worth it, we prefer the gold and rep tokens (on our mains) or the charms (on our alts). However, we’ve put together a video for you to see the route and where I used the potions and keys.

2. Loot run

Pros: lots of goodies

Cons: we never have enough time to get to the final boss and/or get caught by the traps a lot causing me to slow down

Extras used: none

Our view: Go for it! We tend to circle around the room looting every chest possible using speed boosts. We’ve uploaded a video – mistakes and all – to show how much we got and the loot.

We average:

  • 10-15 Elder Charms (17 on this one)
  • 1-3 Burial Trove keys (2 on this one)
  • 15-20 Tattered Parchments for rep
  • 1 or 2 Ritual Stones
  • 200-300g

Enjoy the clip!


20 Days of WoW – Day 12

Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time

This entirely depends upon how much time I have to spend. Some days I can only face half an hour, others much more. My priorities are as follows on my main:

  1. Profession cooldowns (tailoring – Imperial Silk)
  2. LFR – starting with the newest one and working down
  3. Anything else needed for raiding that week (watching guides, gemming etc etc)
  4. Dailies – Halfhill for the mats for professions
  5. Valour cap. Meh.
  6. Fun stuff like pet battling, running dungeons for transmog or achievements.

I have a full time job, so obviously my online time varies throughout the week, with much of my free time at the weekend. I tend – during the week – to only have time for an LFR and dailies with an hour levelling on my new toon, which I’m really enjoying.

However, if I have a big chunk of time (a few hours) I would do something like this:

1 hour: queuing for LFR and doing dailies / pet battling

1-2 hours: LFR (I try and do them all each week, but never manage to cap valour now I don’t have rep grinds left)

1-2 hours: levelling a new toon

1 hour: do something fun with someone else, either a dungeon or a classic raid for the achievements

2-3 hours: raiding

Looking at this, my routine is very different! Main focus at the moment is gearing the rogue for Brawlers Guild so my online time reflects that. Instead of a daily routine, mine tends to be weekly. So every Wednesday, all my online time is spent in LFR / classic raid runs etc. Towards the end, I do more of the scenarios.

  1. While loading warcraft I check all the news sites
  2. I do my leatherworking research first then drop a Blingatron (best thing I’ve ever had was a pet. Figures).
  3. Dailies (Isle of Thunder at the moment – takes over an hour) and grind rares to get the solo scenario key at the beginning of each reset
  4. Transmog / mount runs (MC, BWL, Khara, Tempest Keep weekly)
  5. Stand around looking pretty in the Shrine whilst queuing for LFR

We haven’t really answered the title of the post, as each day is obviously very different, but we hope it has been enlightening anyway!

Isle of Dailies, I mean… Thunder.

So, the new patch hits. I hear mixed reviews but it’s a couple of days before I have chance to check it out.

I am – generally – very disciplined – I do all my dailies 6 days a week (work depending of course) and I now have all MoP factions exalted except Tushi Pandaren (working on it!!). I was quite looking forward to a change of scenery and new things to discover and different mobs to kill.

I am not impressed.

Firstly, the starting area on the boat. Full of people afk taking up space and getting in the way.

Next, the island. I like the idea of everyone on the server contributing to the xp. I don’t think the island is that inspiring though… damp, dingy, swampy, dark… If I wanted that, I’d go touring around Swamp of Sorrows. I’m also not particularly enamoured with the mobs – more Mogu-like statues, granite dogs and lots of cliffs to repeatedly fall off.

However, I do like the idea of the mage bubbles (even if they’re a nightmare to see on my rubbish computer) and also having a few different hubs – it spreads the mania out slightly and gives you some options in your game play and time spent doing dailies. I love that you are turned into a Saurok – the jumping part is very fun. I also think it’s a lovely idea to turn your pet and/or minion into something too. I have come across two transmutations so far (Basilisk and Globule):



I think the globule is the best 🙂

I know I haven’t really committed to these, but as a general first impression, I’m not enthralled. I shall update you in a couple of weeks!

EDIT: so a few months in and I’m still discovering transmutes of my pet. I still don’t like the dailies, but I’m working on some achievements I’ll write about another time. Here are more mutations of my Elemental (Mini Saurok and Cockroach):



Monday Moan #6


This week I’m going to be moaning about something which irritates everyone – I’m assuming – immensely.

That something is item stealing.

I’m talking about when you’re casually (or in my case – manically) trying to complete numerous dailies when some IDIOT comes along, sneaks up behind you and nabs that Sithik weapon you’ve been killing a mob for.

This happened to me today… I was doing August Celestials (the only MoP faction I have left) and I am almost finished. I’ve healed the dudes, I’ve collected the Ox food and I just have to collect the weapons and kill the bugs. Now, these mobs are really close together and respawn very quickly so you have to be very careful about where you 1. place yourself and 2. pull the mobs. I have died many times before I mastered the art in this particular place.

Back to the story. I was doing AC and killing the bugs when along came one of those pandas. A fat, sneaky panda who obviously knows nothing about cameraderie as he was Alliance and NICKED MY DROPS. I was having enough trouble keeping the damn bugs off me but I decided it was worthwhile to yell abuse at him in /s. Totally worth dying for.

Rant over, see you next week.

Monday Moan #5

Sorry for not posting a moan last Monday – we were out visiting family.

This week, it’s all about NPCs.


Whilst doing dailies, I have been really irritated by how closely they follow you. Look at this:

WoWScrnShot_022013_123426  WoWScrnShot_022013_123440

I always end up clicking the NPC by mistake in the middle of a stupidly large pull, then not being able to get rid of the quest page that pops up. Or, I end up pulling large amounts of mobs because I land and can’t see because the stupid thing is in the way.

The worst, as in the pictures, I think is Shado Pan. The kite flies really close, there’s lots of mobs close together, and even on land they’re just TOO close. Incidentally, the set of NPCs in the Firelands dailies – at Sethria’s Roost – they are a perfect distance away and don’t interfere with game play at all.

Sort it out, Blizz!