Alt Appreciation – Death Knight Week

Laeleiweyn has proposed an EXCELLENT idea of celebrating all that is alts by introducing a celebration of the different classes in WoW. Yes I know I used celebration twice in that sentence (eeek, literary meltdown!) but there is no other way to describe this CELEBRATION!!

Class Week

Now, you know us… we have LOTS of alts and all of the classes between us, so this will be fun!!

Let’s start with the Death Knight then shall we? Mrs B doesn’t have one (I tried and really didn’t like it!) but Mr B’s DK is close to his heart:

Aviary Photo_130211587238092885

I’ve been playing this DK for nearly 2 years and he was the first DK I levelled to end-game. I really don’t like the DPS specs on the Death Knight class – personal taste – but as a tank? I’m in love. I really enjoy how versatile it is – self heals, damage mitigation and the ‘hero’ feel of this class. I solo warbringers really easily and never worry about healers keeping me up in instances. My favourite thing ever? Being able to summon your own minion army every ten minutes!!! I’ve tried other tanking classes (most recently a warrior), but I always end up swapping to DPS as it’s just not as awesome as the DK ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s only unfortunate that I detest tanking LFR, so I’ve only geared him to 508 with the help of loot specialisation (which is awesome by the way!). He kind of just sits around, mining occasionally, but not doing much…. He defintely needs a flex raiding team!

20 Days of Wow – Day 1

I have seen this on a few other blogs, so I thought we would join in the craze. I’m not disciplined to do it every day, but I thought it could be a fun regular feature.

So, let’s go.

Day 01 โ€“ Introduce yourself

I’m Mrs B. 25 years old and I live with Mr B in the UK. Not our location of choice, but we had to move to the big city for work from our lovely home town in the country. Not bitter at all ๐Ÿ˜‰ If I say much more about me, I will have nothing to talk about in a later post, so… that’s it for now!

I am new to World of Warcraft – I started playing after a couple of years getting really annoyed with Mr B as I couldn’t understand what he was talking about. Initially, he set me up with a character on a high populated server (Defias Brotherhood) so I could get a feel for the game. He told me to pick anything I liked – I chose Alliance (because the Horde were ugly); Gnome (because they’re small and cute); and Mage… well, because they’re cool. This is the only reason I ended up with this combination, as much as I’d like to say it was because of the Gnome racial buff. He helped me level through – talking me through the basics, helping me through the first few dunegons etc but generally just let me get on with it.

After levelling my Mage, I decided I want to heal. I love healing, but I don’t particularly like to quest so I levelled the Shaman through dungeons. I heal for the guild when we raid but that’s all. I decided I also wanted to have a high level hunter (for the pets, of course!) so I power levelled that and LOVED it. Unfortunately, I neither have the time nor the inclination to do dailies for gear on all 3 characters, so gearing up may take a while.


I’m Mr B, 28 years young and I’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla, on and off. I usually play 2 or 3 main characters: Sinnius (Worgen Priest), Sinate (Human DK) and Chaosin (Human Warlock). I have dabbled in all characters, classes and factions over the years but I think I’d have to pick Priest as my favourite. It’s hard to say exactly why but I like to heal, and I like to cast. I have had rogues and other melรฉe characters, but utimately, I always find myself drifting back towards the casting classes.

Out of Horde and Alliance, I definitely prefer the Alli storyline, although there is some nostalgia for Horde as I started there all those years ago. I enjoy playing my Undead Mage a lot, but don’t dedicate that much time to it now, as I’m playing Alliance so much.


Louloutte and Chaosin

Tank and healer combination: a match made in marriage?

Mr B:

For a long time I played blood DK. Tanked raids, dungeon finder and LFR with the missus healing on her shaman. It worked quite well, we knew how the other played and as we play sitting next to each other, we can communicate easily.

However, I really hated tanking, especially dungeon and LFR. Probably due to the amount of idiots. I understand people speed running the instances, but I want to enjoy the mechanics of them (especially in early MoP). So, I changed my main to ‘lock – which I love.

BUT the wife stared nagging. Even more than normal. She wants to do challenge modes, we need a tank, etc etc. I caved. Anything for a quiet life!

So, I spent yesterday re-remembering how to play DK. Forgot how good the survivability is with the self-heals – quite enjoyed the change of pace from dps. It also means, if I tank, I am in charge – feel the power! Mrs B hadn’t played shammy for a long time too, so we spent yesterday running dungeon finder and did some Glory of the Cata Hero with the guild to try and remember how to work together.

This is what a half day of me bossing the wife about did to her:


I’m doomed!