Dinosaur Slaughter

It really is as graphic as it sounds!

I have been grinding the bones on the Isle of Giants for many months (albeit on and off) for the White Primal Raptor which requires you to kill mob to get 9,999 bones to trade for the mount.

As you grind these mobs, lots of lovely things drop… the Zandalari and Direhorn Runt pets namely. These are really cute and sell for a few hundred gold on the auction house, if you’re not fussed about their prettiness.

Aviary Photo_130203872446193563 Aviary Photo_130203872649465463







Anyway, whilst grinding these mobs, THIS DROPPED!!

Aviary Photo_130203874936744945

Which, after 3 days (not two as it says – I took the pic late!) turned into this:

Aviary Photo_130203870615940392

Which I opened to fiiiiiiind:

Aviary Photo_130203870794564797

The Red Primal Raptor!

There are 3 different colours to discover – so get grinding, they’re amazing!

Cuteness Overkill

So, we were innocently farming bones (1,200 so far!), when this little cutey dropped: Direhorn Runt


This has to be one of the MOST CUTEST (yes, that so is grammatically correct :p) things E.V.E.R. Just look at him! He follows you around, looking up at you and everything! I don’t often do this… but…. *squeeeeeeeeee*!

Anyway, I gather the drop rate isn’t great, but we got three pets on our last 2hour session, so we should make a bit of gold off those and the greens at least! Do you have him yet – is he worth levelling to battle?