Alt Appreciation – Druid Week

It’s a new week and a new alt with Lae‘s alt appreciation week!

Class Week

As you all know, I haven’t been playing too long, so I’ve recently been experimenting by levelling lots of new classes and seeing which I like. Druids are a bit of an unknown entity really, for this reason.

I started my first druid a while ago, sticking with Boomkin as I knew more about spellcasters than anything else. This is her:

Aviary Photo_130220904630908562

And you know what? I hated it. I then tried healing and oh deary me! The HoTs and the DoTs… hell no. I hadn’t even started to heal at this point and having spells that didn’t DO something straight away? Completely beyond me. So, she’s stuck at level 48 and I have no intention of picking her up again.


I decided to try again, after loving my Windwalker Monk. I thought that it was a similar type of melee DPS which I knew already and the Kitty Druids just look COOL. So, here is Loupette (yes yes I know, the name would be cleverer if she was a Worgen, but nevermind!):Aviary Photo_130220907190687730And I have to say, even though she’s only level 25ish, I’m loving it so far! I’m looking forward to levelling her more and really getting to know the class.

I’ve had Druids forever in some shape or form and I’ve tried them out in all their glory. Once upon a time, I had one at level 85, but deleted him before the MoP expansion. I can’t say I’m particularly enthralled, but as I want one of every class at 90, I’m currently levelling a new Balance/Resto druid called Lazersin:


Perhaps I’m enjoying my new warrior too much to appreciate this guy at the moment… we’ll see as I level him up!

So, these are our droods, see you next week with the Hunters!

Mr B’s Problem Monk

OMG got my Monk to 90 in just over 3 days. At first, I was going to stay as DPS, but after running a few dungeons I found it massively boring so I decided to switch it to healer. That was just as bad! I’ve played as healer as my main character in nearly every expansion since my BElf paladin in TBC. With monk, there just seemed so much to do at the same time trying to jab the boss whilst healing everybody. There is also so many different spells to use to heal. I tried downloading healbot to help me use the spells, but trying to remember all the different mouse and modifier keys to use I ended up just getting confused. Having a low Ilvl didn’t help either…

After I decieded to not play the monk, I transfered my warlock across to do some raiding. I spent the few hours wiping on the first boss in Heart of Fear (I was the first to die with attenuation each and every time). They even ressed me after that phase once; only for me to die to the first one in phase 4 (idiot I know). After I asked them to replace me, I had a sulk about how awful I was at raiding. Also with the lock I was watching my dots so closely to keep my DPS up I wasnt focusing on what was happening around me.

S,o I realised I needed to play a healer I knew to have some fun. I was playing my priest a lot, but I didn’t really want to transfer it across to our new server. So, I have decided to level a new Resto Druid which was my main back in WOTLK. Again, I do still have that character on another server, but its Horde and again, dont wanna pay for a transfer. So I’m just going to level through dungeons whilst gathering herbs and skinning mobs as I wait to make some money while I level.

Wish me luck!