Alt Appreciation – Paladin Week!

Welcome back to Alt Appreciation!

Class Week

Admittedly, neither of us have a huge amount to say about the class this week, but we’ll start with Mr B:

I’ve played Pally on and off, levelling one to level 30. Deleting it. Coming back a few months later, getting to level 60. Deleting it. I think it’s because I’ve never really got stuck into one, get bored really quick and give up.I played one at the start of BC, when Paladins were first allowed into the Horde. I’ve been wracking my brains to think of any opinions, but I’m just coming up with a blank. I know it was a healer BElf but that’s about it.

I currently have  2 Paladins: 65 Tauren called Sinadin and a level 8 whose name I can’t even remember and will be deleted shortly.On my quest to get every class to 90, I only have Paladin and Druid, neither of which I’m particularly enamoured by… which says it all really. Anyway, as a token of appreciation to possibly one of my least favourite classes, here’s a pic of that Tauren.

Aviary Photo_130247683784117723

A complete contrast here, but I love my Paladin! I only recently rolled her, she has less than a day played (she’s level 51, so still a baby!), but I’m enjoying it very much.  Here she is, my only Dwarf!

Aviary Photo_130247683955148128

I knooooow she looks like a Shaman, but I promise she’s a Pally! Those are the only healing looms she can wear so I’m kicking the stereotype 😉 I decided she would be a long term project, and I only play her when I have rested built up, I do a level or so, then leave it. I suppose the drawbacks to this is that I completely forget how to heal in the meantime, but when I do pick her up again, I enjoy how fresh it feels. It also helps that the queue for healers is usually pretty short…

I haven’t really experimented with the class yet – I haven’t tried DPS spec, other than to throw a few Denounce’s around if the group is good, and I wouldn’t dream of tanking, but I enjoy using holy light and the pretty spell effects. As a healer, it seems the class has fewer spells to throw around, I generally only use about 4 at the moment. I assume this will of course change as I level up, but I remember back to my Priest and there seemed to be an awful lot of different heals all doing the same thing.

Writing this post has made me really want to play her, but I promised myself I would run all ToT and SoO this week (legendary cloak quests, blergh) before I played alts. So much to do, so little time!

See you next week for the Priests!