Mini Update… (Eurovision calls!)

Neither of us have blogged for a few days because we forgot to renew our sub /sadface so we have been spending time together and other boring RL stuff.

Just kidding, love you :*

Anyway, we have an exciting (well, one of us is excited about this and it isn’t me!!!) new blog series which we hope will start tomorrow, featuring Mr B and his newest alt. We are also slowly catching up to Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge which I’ve been posting periodically. Finally, Mr B is actually in bed (early starts, remember?!) as I write this, so no update from him today… I’ll just put a little then EUROVISION!

So today, I spent a glorious few hours doing exactly what I wanted to. I’ve decided this is the way forward: don’t feel pressured to do the end content stuff as in reality, I’m several months behind and it makes me really stressed trying to do things without really understanding them.

As I write this, stress from a video game? Wut? A whole new blog post I think???

I picked up a few new quests from my Order Hall after handing a couple in. I pottered around Dalaran doing some Mage Quests with Khadgar – those were annoying… in and out of the Order Hall and Violet Hold. Silly mage, making me run everywhere. I also went on a couple of profession quests, bagging a new pet (Ashmaw Cub) and a few new pieces of gear. I also realised I was running dangerously low on Order Resources, so I headed off to do my first few World Quests. If you have any advice which one’s to choose I’d be grateful. I just did the one’s closest to where I was doing my Archaeology quest…?


Lots of writing, sorry! Will see you tomorrow (hopefully) for Mr B’s big – by his standards – reveal.

Enjoy Eurovision 😉