Duskcoat and Pogeyan

These two great cats are a must have for your cat collection.


This guy is awesome!!! LOOK how massive he is pre-tame (the cat in the bottom right hand corner is normal size):

Aviary Photo_130190008261497093He’s easy to find in Northern Stranglethorn, and doesn’t patrol too far from his spawn site. He’s also easy to spot on the mini map – he’s the only yellow dot amongst a LOT of red ones. It’s just a shame he shrinks so much when tamed…

If you’re levelling here and want to tame, do be careful of the camp of Gnoll-type creatures that is just behind you. There could be a nasty accident if you ventured in there by accident!


This guy looks amazing in his back drop of his native home, Felwood:

Aviary Photo_130190010632136928I think the glowing eyes really make him look menacing! His spawn site is easy to find and he doesn’t wonder around too much. I just sat on the ground in front of these two trees and waited:

Aviary Photo_130190010364748663Both of these guys are a standard tame (use an ice trap if you’re at-level), and both look amazing. An excellent addition to your collection.

Happy Taming!