#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 9-14 (E,F,G)

Here’s the 2nd installment of our #IntPiPoMo, hosted by JoJo (@AdmiringAzeroth).

E – Elegon and Elemental

Aviary Photo_130284852049621516We still don’t have that damn mount, he’s so pretty! My Elemental is close to my heart, always by my side faithfully fighting the bad guys.

F – Firelands and Flying

Aviary Photo_130284855655149370

Firelands was Mr B’s choice as he loves it! Flying, possibly the best thing about reaching level cap in MoP and no longer having to run everywhere on a ground mount! Shame about the 4k cost…

G – G’nathus and Gnome

Aviary Photo_130284862565657702If you haven’t already seen him, you should go and visit G’nathus, who hangs out in the water on the island behind Niuzao Temple. He has 100% chance to drop the pet above too, and if you kite him with a pet, soloable! Gnomes, I couldn’t do G without featuring my lovely little Gnomie, who is very dear to me!

See you Wednesday for the next installment of our travels around Azeroth!

Naked Raid #2

Read all about our first foray into Naked Raiding here. If you’re new to this concept, our rules can be found here.

This second time round, it was actually Batinna who prodded me to organise a naked run before the end of the summer and I’m so glad we managed to! She created this masterpiece:


This time, 18 people showed up to support us: from Twitter, to friends of friends, to guildies.


Thank you, every one of you!



  • Rinike (@ElisaAnttila)
  • Souliana (@Nandaaw1)


  • Severyn
  • Shifthappens (@GPBatinna)
  • Spirit
  • Xolana (@xolhealz)


  • Antelas
  • Asuke (@DocxWoW)
  • Forrseti (@forrsetiEU)
  • Helvecta
  • Jurcenko (@davidhunter6918)
  • Lastor
  • Oogleme (@AdmiringAzeroth)
  • Pradabeast
  • Purplehaze (@roneebean)
  • Thrott (@GPSicarios)
  • Tussilon (@tussthefool)
  • Yalaera (@caerphoto)

See a video of the whole raid below. Be warned – it’s a long one!

Some of us then went on to Firelands afterwards… although we weren’t quite brave enough to face the lava naked!


We’d love to hear if you have taken part in naked raiding before!