Monday Moan #30

Yay, it’s that time of the week again!


Someone… please, for the love of all that is Warcraft, explain why the flight point to the Timeless Isle is so ridiculously far from the main cities in Pandaria? Knowing how many people would be going there, tell me why on earth it doesn’t have a direct flight point – or even one that passes via a useful town like Halfhill – but instead bypasses Pang’s Stead and Dawn’s Blossom. WHERE IS THE LOGIC????

Disclaimer: this is a rhetorical statement, I know there are trinkets that portal you there etc available for rep… I JUST THINK IT’S STUPID!

Monday Moan #11


This week it’s Mr B’s choice of moan… flight points.

As I’m sure you know, when power levelling, you skip to the highest level questing area possible to maximise xp. So, with this in mind, we went back to Stormwind from Stranglethorn and picked up the Hero’s Call Board quest for Western Plaguelands.

Oh dear.

The closest we could fly to was in Dun Morogh. We had to run the rest of the way on our 60% mounts.


I kind of understand why they’ve taken out automatic flight points, but I don’t think Blizz thought through this particular nightmare when taking away flight points that link the Hero’s Call Board quests. Perhaps it’s to slow us down, perhaps it’s to have a chuckle at our 20minute run up Eastern Kingdoms, but whatever the reasoning, we don’t like it!