First foray into mythics

Firstly… what the HELL has happened to the dungeon system?!

It make all make sense to you guys, but OMG I’m confused.

Anyway, I have a very good friend who has dragged and boosted me kicking and screaming through more expansions than I can count (love you, Rel 🤗) and he very kindly offered to take me to “get some gear”. I have literally no idea what happened in the last two hours, except I went from 814 to 848 ilvl and died a million times. I feel bad for the healers really, they didn’t have a chance. Apparently we did some mythics and a mythic+2 (it was explained but I’m not sure I totally understand – I will Google when recovered!) and handed a quest in to get a nice 890 gear upgrade.

Honestly,  I thought I was starting to get the hang of everything! 

Yes, that’s me. The small turtle.

It’s amazing how one small act of kindness from a friend really changes your gaming experience. If this inspires you to do anything, help someone out today… They may need a friendly face! 

Thanks again, bud! ❤


Gaming with friends – Update

I promised I’d update you, although we are levelling much quicker than I thought we would so I’m having to squish 3 posts into one.

So we are – at the time of writing – level 86 and fast progressing through Pandaria. Another one of our friends has joined us, making us a lovely quintet (he’s a shaman, which doesn’t clash with gear etc, so it’s perfect really). We are finding it pretty good going so far, with everything except any collection quests.

You know the ones: collect 10 pieces of scavenged metal, or collect 20 goose feathers. These quests are a nightmare, as they’re usually over a small area and tend not to respawn too quickly, so they slow us down as we wait for everyone to find what they need. However, we are finding  dungeons and the like very easy now we are rid of the one pug (what’s with Hunters from Magtheridon by the way?!).

I’ve taken a couple of screen shots to commemorate. You’ll notice I’ve swapped to my Warlock as I want to twink the Rogue.

Level 58 – going through the Dark Portal

I didn’t have time to remove nameplates here, sorry folks. There was an annoying someone (a DK I think) who kept challenging us all to a duel whilst I was lining the shot up. I snapped it as he jumped away. Ugh.


Level 70 (ish)


Level 80 – Hyjal and beyond


Gaming With Friends

Being an MMO, one would think that playing with others would be a top priority for most people. Well, it certainly is for us!

Throughout our time playing together, we have been lucky enough to meet many wonderful people and have enjoyed gaming with them on and off, chatting on TS and having some giggles together. There is one couple in particular – I’ll call them by their online names – Thondar and his girlfriend, Kiwii. I have mentioned them a few times on this blog, because they are really central to our online gaming time… we tend to group up a lot together and consider them great pals.

They recently took a long break. A looooooong break, and we missed them terribly. However, they’re now back and we decided to do something together from start to finish: level a quartet of toons from 1-90. This is almost a continuation of our own levelling project (read about that here) that we did as a couple a few months ago.

I’m not going to blog about it in great detail, but I will let you know how it goes. I imagine with 4 different people who all level and quest in different ways, it will be a really awesome experience for us all. So far, we are level 35 and levelling mostly through dungeons (we have a tank, healer and 2 dps as a group set-up). It has been great fun actually, seeing how fast we can run dungeons and lots of banter as we go.

Aviary Photo_130199430780181166Left to right: Thondar (Holy Paladin), Me (rogue), Kiwii (monk) and Mr B at the back (Prot Warrior)

What do you think? Is playing with friends important to you or are you happy to go solo?