Real Life: The Endless Grind

Real Life: The Endless Grind

We are struggling. Really struggling with the game of Real Life. 

5.30 alarm. Up. Feed kids. Dress kids. Shower and dress. Drink cold coffee. Travel to minders. Commute to work. Work. Work. More work. Commute home. Feed kids. Bathe kids. Kids to bed. Work more. Eat. Sleep. 

Usually, we try to fit in an hour of WoW between the eating and the sleeping. This depends, at least for me, on how much work I have to do before the next day or whether the kids go to bed on time… but I’m really struggling with the balance. It feels like I’m grinding endlessly.

I should say here that I love my job, but finding a balance between personal persuits and running the house and spending time with the children AND work is challenging. Coupled with an hour commute and the financial stresses of living with a spouse who is self employed… it’s not easy.

So how do I find that perfect balance? I can’t work less because we need the cash. I can’t be at home more with my babies because I need to work. Teaching is 60% paperwork at home so my evenings are counted for. However, I find I work more efficiently if I have an hour to myself. I play more, I get less work done at home, I have to work more and so the grind goes round.

Perhaps I need to shut up and count my blessings that I have these worries in the first place. Then again, perhaps I need to take up a hobby that is less time consuming. 

Of course, this leads neatly on to the fact that WoW is pretty time-commitment heavy. What I love about the DS or minecraft is that you can play for half hour and turn it off without feeling like you ‘have’ to do something or you’ll miss out. Don’t get me wrong: I know they need the model of MUST-HAVE-THE-BEST-GEAR to survive and have longevity, but for casuals it’s exhausting. In fact, I’m not even trying to catch up now, I’m just pootling along enjoying what I want to do. I had a weak moment last week and mentioned in guild I still haven’t got a legendary. Only to be greeted with: “just run LFR!”. Yes, fine, ok I shouldn’t moan or I should do LFR, but the reality is that ONE wing of LFR plus the queue is my whole day’s game time. I don’t want to do that. But I *should* be doing that because a legendary would be cool.

I need more hours in the day please! 

If you’ve made it this far, well done and thanks for listening. Do you also feel the endless grind, or should I just man up?


Getting Excited… Or Not…

We’ve been keeping up with the Warcraft news (or lack thereof) and the newest patch hit today… if you could call it that. I was really surprised actually to see how excited people were getting over the smallest of patches. Perhaps I’m being cynical, but being happy at being able to upgrade again? More upgrades means more valour means more LFR or more Timeless Isle…



I think Blizzard is being very savvy – by giving people a small patch, making it seem like there’s something newer to do, whilst also pushing those newer level 90’s into the current content. It should also make LFR easier with higher item levels…. in theory anyway. Well, we’ve all been moaning about that, right?

It doesn’t excite us at all. As much as we enjoy the Artcraft posts, all they’re really doing is giving us concepts to try and whet our appetite and keep us playing those boosted 90’s. By dripping in the odd screenshot of a new zone with a paragraph about creating the plants, it stops the masses from rioting. It feels like a game, and I don’t like it.

The lack of real Warcraft news speaks volumes. I would much prefer them to make a statement saying: “We’re really sorry, we know we said we’d try and get it out quicker but there’s been delays and we want to give you a great product”. Their “we never said it’d be out quicker than before” is rubbish, as we all know it was implied at Blizzcon. When we add this to strategic release of information to co-inside with other game releases (I’m looking at you Wildstar!), the sneaky business strat becomes ever clearer.

We love Warcraft and we are loyal to Blizzard, but we’re getting so sick of the “soon”… it’s not funny any more, guys. Just give us a straight answer and give us something proper to be excited about.