20 Days of WoW – Day 8

Day 08 – 10 things we don’t know about you

  1. I am a teacher – I teach Music but I trained in language teaching in secondary education. I love my job 🙂
  2. Mr B works nights, and I hate it. It is good money though.
  3. We drive a red car. Mr B tells me it’s a Ford Focus – whatever that is.
  4. I have a massive Disney and musical obsession. I don’t care what you say, they are ALL AWESOME. Mr B does not have a Disney and musical obsession… more fool him.
  5. I’m a total grammar and spelling snob. Mr B hates it. Yes, I’m one of those people who will correct you’re/your in a text or on facebook, and no, I don’t care. My biggest problem after you’re/their is “should of”. Irritates me tremendously.
  6. Mr B does all the cooking. Whether this is because I can’t or won’t is still under debate in our house.
  7. We got married at Christmas and went on our honeymoon to Paris. Made sense with me speaking fluent French and having been before! We actually spent most of our time eating Gauffres (waffles) and Crêpes. When in Rome…
  8. We have never been out ‘clubbing’ together – except the very first time we met 3 and a half years ago. We only met because we were both driving our friends around and both ended up holding the coats by the bar. Fate, eh?
  9. Mr B loves tea. So much so we get through a whole box of teabags each month. He also dunks his biscuits which I find disgusting. Blergh.
  10. We have two guinea pigs who are b.e.a.utiful. They are called Ernie (he is 1 and a half) and Teddy (a ball of fluff who is about 6 months) and they’re rescued from a shelter. We have built them a huge run in our house and they are very pampered. Ernie is teaching Teddy tricks like squeaking when he hears the fridge door (that’s where his lettuce comes from!) and being naughty by biting on the cage to get picked up. They are my babies though.

ImageErnie (left) and Teddy (right)