ZandCinder’s Blog Challenge #16

ZandCinder’s Blog Challenge #16

Which zone or area in WoW reminds you of home? 

I suppose if we are to answer this, we must first establish where “home” is – WoW home, RL home, spiritual home. Am I overthinking this?!

For us, home is in middle England. Google Shropshire, our home county.


We are landlocked, we have a big river and a few smaller rivers, we are a farming community with lots of arable land, a few reaaaaally big hills and many old historic market towns (if you’re really interested, google Ironbridge, Shrewsbury, Much Wenlock, Market Drayton for examples). There’s a short rhyme Salopians like to quote:

“Shropshire born, Shropshire bred. Strong the arm, thick in the ‘ead!”

So you might not be surprised that I’ve always been drawn to Halfhill. I’ve written about it fairly extensively (here is the most popular post).


I always loved the quests at Halfhill – especially the farm (I know lots didn’t like it, but I spent a lot of time hanging out in that little hut with my dog), the cooking and rep quests and the fishing in surrounding rivers.

WoWScrnShot_042817_194447I also think the lovely little community and market they have in Halfhill also reminds me a lot of home. When I visited to take pictures, I even had a wonder round to see what everyone had for sale and reacquaint myself with my old pals. Patted my yak and pig, dig up some weeds. Joy in the small things.

WoWScrnShot_042817_194255I could harp on for ages, but essentially, I just love this place and think because I feel at home in my hut with my animals and the little market to shop in, I have little inclination to live anywhere else. I would love it if they did something similar in future expansions (partly why I was so excited for garrisons, but they just didn’t cut it for me!), but perhaps just as a place for you, not saddled with tasks needed for Rep or mats. A flower garden with stables and a pet menagerie would be fantastic. Even better if I could enchant it like the Mage class hall in Dalaran, with floating books and magical broomsticks.

What a lovely topic, I look forward to the next!

Oh, by the way, I asked Mr B to contribute but after thinking about it for too long, he pulled a pained expression and pleaded to be let off this one. I can’t decide whether he’s just being lazy, or whether he has so many favourite places he just can’t decide /facepalm


(The not so) Lucky Yi.

So, here is my strategy for killing Lucky Yi, found just outside Halfhill.

Aviary Photo_130261434929159985Pet Setup

Aviary Photo_130261435102514618


This is a bit of a cheat I suppose, but it works fantastically every time using the pets in the order you see above, and with the abilities shown.

Firstly, use the Roach and its Apocalypse then swap it out for the Imp. All you now need to do is keep yourself alive til the Apocalypse hits and you’ll kill him.

My tactic is to cast Immolate on the Imp, to do some ticking damage then use Cauterize on cooldown to keep yourself alive. On the downtime between these two abilities, use Rush to do some damage. The Runt is there just in case of bad RNG or if you’re sleeping, but you shouldn’t need him.

After 15 rounds, the Apocalypse will hit and kill the not-so-Lucky Yi. Grats!

#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 15-20 (H,I,J)

Here’s the next installment of #IntPiPoMo, from @AdmiringAzeroth.

H- Halfhill and Honour Hold

Aviary Photo_130289128830288883

Halfhill is one of my favourite places in the MoP expansion. Honour Hold continues to puzzle me, with its multiple entrances and nasty ogres!

I – Imperial Eagle Chick and Instances

Aviary Photo_130289128615516495A very regal pet. Instances, love them or hate them, we all do them!

J – Jade Forest and Jaina Proudmoore

Aviary Photo_130289128467397272My favourite place in the world is Jade Forest (seconded closely by Nagrand!). It’s such a beautiful and -mostly- serene place to visit. Jaina is Mr B’s choice – fabulous woman!

Fishing Extravaganza

For all you budding anglers out there, the daily fishing event is a must. Not only are the pools of great quantity, but the fish sell well on the auction house too. Bonus! It’s a great way to level up your fishing, especially if you spend loads of time queuing for LFR like I do.

WoWScrnShot_081913_175403The event

  • Happens daily in different locations around Pandaria – El’s Anglin’ has all the information on the exact spots.
  • Lots of pools close together with extremely quick respawn rates
  • A fishing raft / levitate / meditation etc is useful to access pools further into each particular area (the middle of the lake for example), but not necessary
  • Fish as normal – no pole or lure needed!

You need more information?

Ben of the Booming Voice…

Aviary Photo_130214051105447096

…located by Halfhill flightpoint near the river (Tomtom co-ords: 58 46), will tell you where the fish of the day is, and will even mark it on your map for you. He’s a nice chap!


There’s a rare to kill!!

Aviary Photo_130214042507317052Krakkanon spawns from a ‘large’ pool when it has been completely fished. These ‘large pools’ spawn every hour or so and contain up to 100 fish. This guy has a lot of health but doesn’t hit very hard – I’ve solo’d it on my level 90 mage (who had an ilvl of about 516 at the time). Just avoid the water jets that he throws around. He drops loot too – lots of fish, the quests for Nat Pagal and even:

Aviary Photo_130214045492780451

… which is pretty cool.

I hope this helps you enjoy fishing in some really beautiful locations in Pandaria.

Happy fishing!