Hearthstoning for a Hearthsteed.

We are the world’s biggest noobs when it comes to Hearthstone. Seriously… we played at launch of Beta for a while before giving up as we were just loosing constantly.

I got really into it for a while, levelled a couple of custom decks to level 11. I eventually lost interest as I really feel it’s more of a phone/app game… one where you can play-and-go at work, or on the bus etc. I have much more important things to do at the PC and would much rather be playing WoW or Diablo.

Anyway, Twitter was all at a buzz about the new mount Hearthstone was offering your Warcraft account in exchange for 3 wins… excellent marketing, Blizzard, it got thousands of people to play!

Aviary Photo_130392880095103341After a couple of hours (and plenty of help from the Twitterverse!), we finally got the mount and achievement:

Aviary Photo_130392883841605151

The only bit of advice we can give if you’re still struggling, is to stack your deck with 1/1 murlocs and boars. This means you can put lots of low life minions on the board at once,  overwhelm your opponent and then pewpew them to the death. We did this with a shaman deck and once we got the hang of it, won pretty easily.

Good luck, and enjoy the mount! We certainly like it!