I like ToES…

It’s not often I blog about raiding with the guild, probably because we do it three times a week and it’d take too long, but this time I’m making an exception.

The guild I’m in is called Sinners (dreadfully manly, I know), and we have a lovely set of guys who love to look after me. Who am I kidding, they all take the mickey out of my Midlands accent!!! We have only recently started raiding properly, but almost always have to PUG someone as we are only casual and really, we just want to have a bit of fun. (I say ‘we’ as a royal we here!). As a result of this, it often takes a few attempts at clearing a boss due to the poor PUGs getting used to our way of working so progress is slow and steady.

However, this last week our progression has been, frankly, exceptional (Syntar maintains that he carried us through by repeatedly ‘facebutting’ the boss whilst we watched…). Until last week, we had 6/6 on MSV and 1 boss down in HoF and ToES. However, this last week we finally managed to get Wind Lord down, making it 3/6 in HoF, and… we completed ToES! /happydance

I know Lei Shi is a nightmare (harder than Sha I thought), but that was the encounter I enjoyed most in ToES.

I promised Warcool I’d but some screenshots up, so this is for you pal ❤


Munching before the Sha…


And he’s dowwwwwn!


Fearless at last ^^

We finished with a wonderful success against the first boss in ToT, Jinroch. Needless-to-say, we all started the week with rather large egos.

Next step, the Empress. All advice welcome!