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I love Hutia, who is my spectral porcupine from Jade Forest, so Bristlespine was an obvious choice to go for. He’s not particularly special-looking, but I suppose if you want that, you should go for the spectrals. I was surprised at how tiny he became when tamed, especially considering how large his tracks are.

Key Points

  • Found in Kun’lai Summit (map – this is a fantastic site which goes into much more detail than I do. Please support her and her hard work!)
  • Must be level 88 to tame
  • Does not aggro when tamed – woo!
  • Found by following tracks and using flare – as with all MoP trackable pets
  • Has a rather large meandering path, cutting through hostile areas – so be careful
  • Can phase in and out of stealth – as with all MoP trackable pets

Taming Strategy

  • Make sure you have tame beast, flare and hunters mark free and easily accessible to use
  • You are looking for ‘puzzling tracks’ which blend very well into the brown grassy areas of Kun-Lai, I’d turn all ground clutter down to help

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  • Follow these tracks in the direction they’re facing. As I said before, they really do follow a winding path and I got lost several times and had to backtrack. I found it hard to predict which direction he would head next, so it took some time. I followed him for almost half his route before I could use the flare successfully.
  • As always, when you fire the flare ahead of him, pop hunters mark on to stop him stealthing out of sight, and hit tame.

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He doesn’t look too bothered about being charmed, eh?

Happy Taming!


I think Stompy looks really cute, so I thought I’d go see if I could find him!

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Key Points

  • Found in the mountains of Kun-Lai Summit
  • You must be level 88 to tame
  • He does not aggro, but, like all MoP trackables, he stealths so can not be picked up using NPC scan

Taming Strategy

  • I followed this map along his route – which goes almost vertically up and down mountains, but generally follows some kind of discernible trail via Mount Neverest.
  • As with most trackable pets for MoP, you’re looking for his ‘heavy tracks’ and then following them in the direction they’re facing. They will disappear after 5minutes from the back of his route as new ones are made at the front, but generally his path is quite logical (makes a change!) so you can meander along the route with him.

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  • As always, when you reach the end of the trail, fire your flare in front of where you think he is. When he appears, stick a hunters mark on him to stop him going into stealth. This also makes him invisible to other hunters.

Aviary Photo_130134381996752474I followed him for a while, he moves rather sedately!

  • The tame is easy when you’re ready. He also doesn’t aggro, so you don’t need deterrence etc.

He’s got a unique skin, and he’s pretty impressive – he is very tall standing next to you which is quite cool, as most of these pets shrink considerably. I’ve specced him as tank, but he’s got a nice ‘Trample’ ability which decreases spell cast speed by 50% which could be useful for DPS.

Happy Taming!

Ghostcrawler Goodness

You all know my love of sparkly hunter pets, and Ghostcrawler was one I wanted really badly.


Key Points

  • Named after Greg Street, systems designer for World of Warcraft
  • Spirit Beast with the Spirit Beast Blessing – a nice heal to get you out of trouble (it also looks very pretty!)
  • I camped for 3 days, others got him after a few hours, so you need to be patient
  • You need to have done the Vashj’ir starter quest to get your underwater breathing or this will be super difficult

Taming Strategy

  • As a level 90, the tame itself is not a hard one. Pop deterrance and hit tame, the difficulty is finding him.

Finding Ghostcrawler

  • I used this map: Wowhead
  • Make a macro: /tar Ghoscrawler and put it on your bar
  • Adop0t one of two strategies: either follow the map in a clockwise motion and spam the macro, or park yourself in the middle to wait for NPC scan to go off. I recommend the former, it’s a lot less dull.
  • This Spirit Beast is unique as he goes in and out of stealth – he will appear, then 30 seconds later, disappear to reappear further along his route. I recommend you swim slowly along his route hitting the macro. Also an awesome time to take your Abyssal Seahorse out for a spin!
  • Have track beasts on! He will show up as a yellow dot – another weapon to spot him.
  • He is a lot smaller than you would think, and Abyssal Depths is gloomy, so look carefully for that glimmer of white and use the macro.
  • Don’t panic if you spotted him and he goes into stealth, just swim a little further up his route to wait.

Happy Taming!

Boar Spirit

Whilst searching for a new pet, I stumbled across one I’d never heard, nor seen, before and was immediately intrigued.


Boar Spirit, Razorfen Kraul

This is the boar spirit from RFK in Southern Barrens, a level 30ish instance.

Key Points

  • He has an interesting translucent skin and just under 2k hp
  • He is spawned from the 2nd boss in the instance – Aggem Thorncurse
  • He dies just after taming, but don’t panic, with a revive he’ll be right as rain

Taming Strategy

As a level 90, this poses its own unique set of problems; namely, not one-shotting the boss. This is what I did:

  • Skip all the trash and head straight for the boss
  • Clear the trash just before the boss so you have an unobstructed view of Mr T
  • Dismiss pet
  • Concussive shot Thorncurse and immediately untarget him. Pull right back.
  • Wait 5 seconds for the boar to spawn, hit tame and when he’s yours, kill the boss

Here he is again, for your viewing pleasure.


I think he’s pretty cool and very “badass”. Being low level, he’s also a really good – unique – choice for lowbie hunters.

Happy Taming!