Duskcoat and Pogeyan

These two great cats are a must have for your cat collection.


This guy is awesome!!! LOOK how massive he is pre-tame (the cat in the bottom right hand corner is normal size):

Aviary Photo_130190008261497093He’s easy to find in Northern Stranglethorn, and doesn’t patrol too far from his spawn site. He’s also easy to spot on the mini map – he’s the only yellow dot amongst a LOT of red ones. It’s just a shame he shrinks so much when tamed…

If you’re levelling here and want to tame, do be careful of the camp of Gnoll-type creatures that is just behind you. There could be a nasty accident if you ventured in there by accident!


This guy looks amazing in his back drop of his native home, Felwood:

Aviary Photo_130190010632136928I think the glowing eyes really make him look menacing! His spawn site is easy to find and he doesn’t wonder around too much. I just sat on the ground in front of these two trees and waited:

Aviary Photo_130190010364748663Both of these guys are a standard tame (use an ice trap if you’re at-level), and both look amazing. An excellent addition to your collection.

Happy Taming!

Alt Appreciation – Hunter Week

Class Week

Welcome to hunter week!

Hunter’s are COOL! Here’s mine:

WoWScrnShot_090513_171139These are my leet views on why these are awesome…

1. you get to shoot stuff

2. pewpewpew!

3. you get to shoot stuff.

Ok, seriously now. My hunter is level 73 (as we speak) and I’m loving leveling him up. I’m doing a bit of PvE, a bit of PvP and a bit of questing. I can solo pretty much anything and, of course, Kash is pretty cool. I think, for a change, we both agree that the pet aspect of the hunter is what we love most.

I absolutely adored my hunter…

Aviary Photo_130212013097614542

The levelling was quick and easy, I felt invincible. The pets are blimmin’ awesome and I love collecting bows and badass transmogs. My hunter was the 2nd alt I leveled and once I figured out the pet can take a lot of hits, I just pulled and pulled and loved every minute. I collected some pretty awesome pets, loved the MoP ‘challenge tames’ and started LFR to gear her.

This is where the problems began. My DPS was shocking. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect mega DPS but oh em gee this was bad. Level 90, 500ilvl and 50k DPS. I checked icy veins, AMR, asked people… everything. Nothing improved unless I was constantly multi shotting. Meh.

So, I decided to go pet hunting instead. If I’m ever feeling down, or bored with WoW, I choose a pet to go and tame and it’s a guaranteed adrenaline rush. My go-to good feeling provider. Anyway, off I went to get Kash and some Silithus rares with no problems. Then I decided to try for the most elusive one so far…Skoll. This dude had NEVER been up, not in all my time hunting. So, I parked her in Storm Peaks and sat down to wait. My usual pet hunting strategy is to pick a spot and log in whenever I can to check it. Always worked well for me as I haven’t got time to camp it traditionally. On the 5th day of checking, I decide to make a cuppa whilst hovering next to the spawn point I chose. Another hunter rocked up after half an hour or so… an Ally. I follow the unwritten rule of if there’s multiple spawn points, you don’t camp where someone else is… it’s just RUDE! But no, he sits there next to me and starts chatting. Ugh. Then…. *heart attack* up pops Skoll and he gets ninja’d right from under my nose. Since then I just can’t stomach the motivation or love for her… the DPS is crap, the pets are crap, the mog is crap, the bow from AQ40 hasn’t dropped in 8 runs….

I’m hoping I’ll find the love soon – I kinda miss her!

See you next week.

Monday Moan #17


Perhaps a slightly silly moan this week, but one thing which I get quite annoyed about sometimes!

Hunter pets shrinking when tamed…

Look at this:

Aviary Photo_130158689305328098

This is Weedle, my giant grub from Jade Forest who – due to a bug (haha, hope you like the pun there!) – looked absolutely amazing because he was HUGE and didn’t shrink when tamed. I got loads of compliments about how he looked.

Now look at this:

Aviary Photo_130158687338700321Don’t you think it’s a shame they hot fixed it? Other pets I think would look brilliant are Pogeyan from Stranglethorn, Hexapos and Rockhide the Immovable – they’re massive before tame but shrink substantially afterwards. Pffft, I want a massive pet damnit!

I know you practical people will go on about them taking over the screen etc etc, but I – for all that my opinion matters – mourn the loss of the size of some of my pets.

Do you agree??

Pretty in Pink

Say hello to AcronissAviary Photo_130133946853926001I only came across him by chance, after oggling him in LFR – I admit, the pink appealed to my girly nature. Waaaaay too girly for me! Luckily, I only had to wait an hour or so. I set myself in place, went into LFR and when I zoned back, he was there waiting for me.

Key Points

  • Found in Silithus (more info below)
  • The only tameable pink serpent wyrm thing in-game. I love the uniqueness of this pet!
  • Excellent choice for low level hunters wanting a really good looking pet – can be tamed from level 55
  • Has 7k health and spawns surrounded by mobs

Taming Strategy

  • For a level 90, just hit tame, it’s easy
  • At level, make sure you clear the mobs around the spawn point (see below) as there are at least 3 that could spell disaster if you’re up against this guy alone. Standard deterrence-tame applies here for you guys.

Finding Acroniss

  • Located in the top northeast corner of Silithus, Staghelm Point to be precise. He is in the back of this cave. You know how much I hate caves, but luckily, this one is easily navigable:


  • Follow the cave to the back and there’s a small circle next to a chap called Vyral the Vile. He spawns literally in the middle of that circle.

WoWScrnShot_051913_003546shot just after the tame

I think the colour is the main draw for me here, but the thing I love most is how he moves. Stationary, he floats and curls in the air, but when you run, he spreads out next to you and looks really cool…

Aviary Photo_130133953972375941

…Happy Taming!


I have been wanting to go after the Pandaria pets for a long time, but always been hesitant as I realised it was probably a bit of a time sink. However, on this rather lonely Saturday evening with Mr B at work, I figured now was as good a time as any to try, especially as it’s 1am and the server is quiet…

I decided to try for Bombyx, for my first, as I love my giant beige worm (called Weedle), and this is even better with a lovely unique purple colour. I am so pleased I managed to tame him – I had to share it with you all straight away!!!

Aviary Photo_130133977134819617Key Points

  • Unique purple worm found in Kasarang Wilds (map)
  • Must be level 90 and in BM spec to tame
  • Does not aggro when being tamed!
  • Located using a flare and following the tracks used to find other MoP hunter pets
  • Can phase in and out of stealth (just like Ghostcrawler)

Taming Strategy

  • Make sure you have tame beast, flare and hunters mark free and easily accessible to use
  • You’re looking for these plants:

Aviary Photo_130133977745988267… found between the spawn points found on the map. These are the first indicators of Bombyx’s tracks. When you find one, fire your flare around it (see mine in the picture?)

  • The flare will show you patches of leaves (see the dark blotches on the right of the picture?). These are the ‘tracks’ you are following. You can’t tell the direction, but they will appear denser in number the closer you are to the worm. If you’re going the wrong way, they’ll peter out.
  • Bombyx travels up and down a path by the river. If you’re like me and have no idea what you’re doing, it took me about 20minutes to figure out where the path was and how to decipher the direction. Don’t panic, just keep firing the flares around the silkweed and you’ll get a good idea which direction he’s heading in.
  • Once he shows up immediately put hunters mark on him. This will stop him going back into stealth and disappearing – which would cancel your tame. And you definitely don’t want that to happen.
  • When you have hunters mark on him, the rest is easy. He is invisible to other hunters, so you don’t have to worry about being ninja’d and he doesn’t aggro, so just hit tame beast and he’s yours.

Aviary Photo_130133977450673418Bombyx, mid-tame

Honestly? This was one of the most exciting tames I’ve ever done. I loved using my flare and ‘tracking’ him down the river. This is what being a hunter is all about! I’m really looking forward to going and finding some of the others in Pandaria.

Have you found any of these new pets yet?

Ghostcrawler Goodness

You all know my love of sparkly hunter pets, and Ghostcrawler was one I wanted really badly.


Key Points

  • Named after Greg Street, systems designer for World of Warcraft
  • Spirit Beast with the Spirit Beast Blessing – a nice heal to get you out of trouble (it also looks very pretty!)
  • I camped for 3 days, others got him after a few hours, so you need to be patient
  • You need to have done the Vashj’ir starter quest to get your underwater breathing or this will be super difficult

Taming Strategy

  • As a level 90, the tame itself is not a hard one. Pop deterrance and hit tame, the difficulty is finding him.

Finding Ghostcrawler

  • I used this map: Wowhead
  • Make a macro: /tar Ghoscrawler and put it on your bar
  • Adop0t one of two strategies: either follow the map in a clockwise motion and spam the macro, or park yourself in the middle to wait for NPC scan to go off. I recommend the former, it’s a lot less dull.
  • This Spirit Beast is unique as he goes in and out of stealth – he will appear, then 30 seconds later, disappear to reappear further along his route. I recommend you swim slowly along his route hitting the macro. Also an awesome time to take your Abyssal Seahorse out for a spin!
  • Have track beasts on! He will show up as a yellow dot – another weapon to spot him.
  • He is a lot smaller than you would think, and Abyssal Depths is gloomy, so look carefully for that glimmer of white and use the macro.
  • Don’t panic if you spotted him and he goes into stealth, just swim a little further up his route to wait.

Happy Taming!

Mrs B’s hunter pet obsession.

I think it’s safe to assume that most hunters are really into having a good-looking pet. Well, I am definitely one of those hunters.

My hunter is my 3rd (and final!) alt. After levelling to about level 40, Mr B informed me that I could get different types of pets. After level 60, he mentioned Spirit Beasts and rares. Apparently, he left it so late ‘for my own good’… pfft. He was right though, I have died venturing into parts unknown for these damn pets.

However, yesterday, I stumbled across Ban’thalos in Hyjal. I faffed for ages, reading wowhead and getting scared about how difficult he was to tame. In the end, it went for it and it was fine, yay! All I did was mount up over the Statue of Malorne, arcane shot, deterrance, landed on the top of the statue and tamed. Was down to 15k health after the fall though, so don’t try it below 300k hp!


I’m a little bit miffed Blizzard won’t let me name it Ban’thalos (I like to keep my rares in their original name) so he’s Banthalos instead.

My current pet list includes:

  • Terropene (tamed by chance)
  • Arcturis (3 day camping extravaganza)
  • Ghostcrawler (2 day camp… and I loathe swimming!)
  • Casper, the Ghost Saber cat from Darkshore (a really nice pet for low levels – all you have to do is click the figurines – it takes about half an hour)
  • Weedle the GIANT worm from Pandaria (he’s amazing!)
  • Darwin the Gorilla
  • Archemides the Owl
  • Barney the Raptor (/Dinosaur, but Mr B says it’s a Raptor… blah blah)
  • Bach the Core Hound
  • Aristo the Cat
  • Squirt the Turtle
  • Chime the Chimaera (looks really pretty – appeals to my girly-side!)



So, which do you think I’m missing and should go for next? I’ve been considering Gondria…