Duskcoat and Pogeyan

These two great cats are a must have for your cat collection.


This guy is awesome!!! LOOK how massive he is pre-tame (the cat in the bottom right hand corner is normal size):

Aviary Photo_130190008261497093He’s easy to find in Northern Stranglethorn, and doesn’t patrol too far from his spawn site. He’s also easy to spot on the mini map – he’s the only yellow dot amongst a LOT of red ones. It’s just a shame he shrinks so much when tamed…

If you’re levelling here and want to tame, do be careful of the camp of Gnoll-type creatures that is just behind you. There could be a nasty accident if you ventured in there by accident!


This guy looks amazing in his back drop of his native home, Felwood:

Aviary Photo_130190010632136928I think the glowing eyes really make him look menacing! His spawn site is easy to find and he doesn’t wonder around too much. I just sat on the ground in front of these two trees and waited:

Aviary Photo_130190010364748663Both of these guys are a standard tame (use an ice trap if you’re at-level), and both look amazing. An excellent addition to your collection.

Happy Taming!

Alt Appreciation – Hunter Week

Class Week

Welcome to hunter week!

Hunter’s are COOL! Here’s mine:

WoWScrnShot_090513_171139These are my leet views on why these are awesome…

1. you get to shoot stuff

2. pewpewpew!

3. you get to shoot stuff.

Ok, seriously now. My hunter is level 73 (as we speak) and I’m loving leveling him up. I’m doing a bit of PvE, a bit of PvP and a bit of questing. I can solo pretty much anything and, of course, Kash is pretty cool. I think, for a change, we both agree that the pet aspect of the hunter is what we love most.

I absolutely adored my hunter…

Aviary Photo_130212013097614542

The levelling was quick and easy, I felt invincible. The pets are blimmin’ awesome and I love collecting bows and badass transmogs. My hunter was the 2nd alt I leveled and once I figured out the pet can take a lot of hits, I just pulled and pulled and loved every minute. I collected some pretty awesome pets, loved the MoP ‘challenge tames’ and started LFR to gear her.

This is where the problems began. My DPS was shocking. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect mega DPS but oh em gee this was bad. Level 90, 500ilvl and 50k DPS. I checked icy veins, AMR, asked people… everything. Nothing improved unless I was constantly multi shotting. Meh.

So, I decided to go pet hunting instead. If I’m ever feeling down, or bored with WoW, I choose a pet to go and tame and it’s a guaranteed adrenaline rush. My go-to good feeling provider. Anyway, off I went to get Kash and some Silithus rares with no problems. Then I decided to try for the most elusive one so far…Skoll. This dude had NEVER been up, not in all my time hunting. So, I parked her in Storm Peaks and sat down to wait. My usual pet hunting strategy is to pick a spot and log in whenever I can to check it. Always worked well for me as I haven’t got time to camp it traditionally. On the 5th day of checking, I decide to make a cuppa whilst hovering next to the spawn point I chose. Another hunter rocked up after half an hour or so… an Ally. I follow the unwritten rule of if there’s multiple spawn points, you don’t camp where someone else is… it’s just RUDE! But no, he sits there next to me and starts chatting. Ugh. Then…. *heart attack* up pops Skoll and he gets ninja’d right from under my nose. Since then I just can’t stomach the motivation or love for her… the DPS is crap, the pets are crap, the mog is crap, the bow from AQ40 hasn’t dropped in 8 runs….

I’m hoping I’ll find the love soon – I kinda miss her!

See you next week.

Five Fashionista Minutes with Mrs B

I thought I’d introduce you to my new Hunter transmog.

I really wanted something natural, but with no skulls. Girly, but not wearing a dress. This is what I put together and I really love it:

Aviary Photo_130116367444648199


Aviary Photo_130116367652604246


Aviary Photo_130116367867112822



Shoulders: Beast-Tamer’s Shoulders

Chest: Gronnstalker’s Chestguard

Hands: Tsunami Gloves

Waist: Runed Copper Belt

Legs: Gronnstalker’s Leggings

Feet: Gronnstalker’s Boots

Weapon: Drakkari Hunting Bow


I think one of the best pets for this set, that I have, is the Amber coloured Direhorn from Isle of Giants:


So, do you like? 🙂


A very quick post to brag – I hope you don’t mind – about taming my latest hunter pet.


Hutia, Spectral Porcupine, Jade Forest

I can’t take the credit for this tame, as it was the combined effort of Mr B and Hapie, our guildie. Doesn’t it look awesome?!

Key points

  • Found in Jade Forest and you must be level 90 to tame
  • One of 3 tameable spectral porcupines
  • You must get him below 20% health to tame and he hits like a beast so this is a kiting tactic
  • Get the Glyph of Tame Beast (I didn’t have it which made this much harder!) as it reduces tame time
  • He has a heal which you need to interrupt
  • If you have a friend helping, you won’t be able to tame until they leave combat: so a hunter friend is ideal as they can just feign death as you start to tame

Taming Strategy

  • Use all your dots, slows and stuns – kite him in a wide circle around the rock in front of his den and interrupt the spirit heal
  • At 20%, pop your Frost Trap to slow him, then Disengage which will fling you back the max distance away for the best survivability chance. Use Deterrence to give yourself those few seconds deflecting the attacks and hit tame. Hopefully, by the time he’s caught up to you, your tame will almost be finished and it’s a matter of surviving. I had 20k health left at the end as I didn’t have the Tame Beast glyph so the tame took a long time.

He truly is a spectralcular (see what I did there??) pet to have – good luck!


Playing at PvP

As you know, I’m a bit of an achievement addict, so we were reviewing our points and realised it was about time we started to experiment with PvP. I have never really enjoyed it on my mage as all I seemed to do was die before I could cast a frostbolt.

So…  Mr B and I went for it on our Hunter and Monk. We sorted our reforging out, bought the 450 PvP set and – with some trepidation – queued. First was one of the new one’s I’d never done before – in a mine. Once we had figured out that we were supposed to be chasing the carts and not just hiding from the Horde, the battleground was over.


Dead… again.

Second try was a bit more successful: Warsong Gulch which I had done before. I had no idea what I was doing or if there were tactics, but I understand the principal: kill the Horde who are in the way. I actually managed to get 2 honourable kills in that one… and about 15 deaths. Woot.

Our final try was Alterac Valley. I thought I did quite well here, until I met a priest who seemed to take a disliking to me. Fear, silence, mind flay and I was a gonner. Multiple times.

Last night, when Mr B was at work I gave it a go on my level 55 shadow priest, Chouchoute, who I am currently really enjoying levelling. This was the result:


That’s me! At the top!!

I hope you’re proud.

Mr and Mrs WoW Re-roll Day #3

Quick Stats

  • Day: 3
  • Level: 13
  • Cash: 1g 45s 6c
  • Mrs B deaths: 1 (doing well!)

Mr B was slacking a bit today – he’s levelling a monk as well at the moment so we haven’t done much on the alts. I am really enjoying the rogue though – I got stun today so I have been annoying Mr B by stunning all my targets then sitting admiring them…

I tamed a snow leopard on the Hunter, but decided the bear looked more fierce so a bit gutted. I’m still enjoying jumping around with steady shot but I don’t really want to play this as I’m enjoying the monk so much.


I took this screenshot as I’ve never flown in a helicopter (IRL or on WoW) and really enjoyed it! I can’t remember which quest it was (sorry!) but it was enjoyable none-the-less.



Mrs B’s hunter pet obsession.

I think it’s safe to assume that most hunters are really into having a good-looking pet. Well, I am definitely one of those hunters.

My hunter is my 3rd (and final!) alt. After levelling to about level 40, Mr B informed me that I could get different types of pets. After level 60, he mentioned Spirit Beasts and rares. Apparently, he left it so late ‘for my own good’… pfft. He was right though, I have died venturing into parts unknown for these damn pets.

However, yesterday, I stumbled across Ban’thalos in Hyjal. I faffed for ages, reading wowhead and getting scared about how difficult he was to tame. In the end, it went for it and it was fine, yay! All I did was mount up over the Statue of Malorne, arcane shot, deterrance, landed on the top of the statue and tamed. Was down to 15k health after the fall though, so don’t try it below 300k hp!


I’m a little bit miffed Blizzard won’t let me name it Ban’thalos (I like to keep my rares in their original name) so he’s Banthalos instead.

My current pet list includes:

  • Terropene (tamed by chance)
  • Arcturis (3 day camping extravaganza)
  • Ghostcrawler (2 day camp… and I loathe swimming!)
  • Casper, the Ghost Saber cat from Darkshore (a really nice pet for low levels – all you have to do is click the figurines – it takes about half an hour)
  • Weedle the GIANT worm from Pandaria (he’s amazing!)
  • Darwin the Gorilla
  • Archemides the Owl
  • Barney the Raptor (/Dinosaur, but Mr B says it’s a Raptor… blah blah)
  • Bach the Core Hound
  • Aristo the Cat
  • Squirt the Turtle
  • Chime the Chimaera (looks really pretty – appeals to my girly-side!)



So, which do you think I’m missing and should go for next? I’ve been considering Gondria…