Cuteness Overkill

So, we were innocently farming bones (1,200 so far!), when this little cutey dropped: Direhorn Runt


This has to be one of the MOST CUTEST (yes, that so is grammatically correct :p) things E.V.E.R. Just look at him! He follows you around, looking up at you and everything! I don’t often do this… but…. *squeeeeeeeeee*!

Anyway, I gather the drop rate isn’t great, but we got three pets on our last 2hour session, so we should make a bit of gold off those and the greens at least! Do you have him yet – is he worth levelling to battle?

A Day with the Dinosaurs

After much deliberation, I decided to have a break from the daily grind of, er, dailies, and go get me a dino.

Myself and Mr B went off to the Isle of Giants to farm the Zandalari Dinomancers for the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy which enables hunters to tame the Direhorns on the Island. We also started the grind for Dino Bones for the mount.

Aviary Photo_130099130084860302

Getting Started

  • Fly to the furthest point in Kunlai Summit (Zouchin Village) and fly immediate North – don’t panic about the fatigue, it’ll dismount you so keep on swimming.
  • Get to the island and pick up the flight point so next time you can fly there from Pandaria
  • Take a friend (we took a healer – disc priest – so he could DPS at the same time), as it will be much easier
  • There are different ‘sized’ mobs on the island to look out for – small, medium and large. You can only tame the smallest ones of each species

What to do

1. Be careful how you pull the mobs. My hunter is only 464ilvl and we pulled 2 by mistake – a small direhorn and one of the larger ones and it wiped us out

2. Go and hunt the Zandalari Dinomancers (they look like trolls) – take an immediate left up the path from the flight point and there are 4 or 5 there

3. Kill them for the Tome. We killed 6 before it dropped and we didn’t have to move from that spot

4. Pick which colour Direhorn you’d like to tame, and voila – done.


I haven’t named him yet – any ideas?

Other adventures

  • If you like collecting pets, like myself, then you’ll be interested to know you can also tame a Devilsaur (I found 2 different colours, I named mine Rex!)


  • Oondasta is here for you to enjoy trying to kill

Hunting the bones

This is a good old-fashioned grind – be prepared for the long haul. In exchange for 9,999 dinosaur bones, you can buy yourself a Bone-White Primal Raptor which looks very nice indeed. If that isn’t tempting enough, for 999 you can buy a Spectral Porcupine pet which also looks very pretty.

Each mob awards a different number of bones. We managed the small version of the mobs pretty easily between 2, and this is what we discovered:

Young Primal Devilsaur: rewards 11-13 bones

Primal Direhorn Hatchling: rewards 7-10 bones

Pterrorwing Skyscraper: rewards 13-16 bones but has a massive AoE attack which nearly wiped us out until we got the hang of it!

There are larger versions of these mobs but I suggest you get a small group together with better gear than HC blues 😀


Whatever you’re there for, it really is a beautiful place to spend time in. Good luck!

Oondasta. Ouch.

We have both enjoyed killing the world bosses, of which Mr B has now killed multiple times. The gear is a nice compensation for the hurrendous lag, multiple deaths and idiot people pulling when the tank isn’t ready.

Yesterday, the guild decided to go en masse to kill Oondasta, who I’d never heard off (you should know by now that I’m a noob and don’t read the news!). Mr B could only tell me that he was a “nightmare” and that I would die a lot. Oh how right he was….

We joined the group of 40 on the Isle of Giants, amongst the dinosaurs (which I love by the way) and multiple skeletons from previous failed attempts. We pulled him down to the beach… I wondered why until I realised it was next to the graveyard.

He looked simply awesome cresting the top of the hill…


Between killing the mobs in the area, dying every 30 seconds and waiting 2 minutes to be able to ressurect, I didn’t do an awful lot of damage. I did get a lot of time to check him out, and he is really a work of art. I don’t know the tactics (other than to not stand too close to each other) but if you have the chance, and haven’t yet killed him, definitely give it a go.

I got a nice 522 neck in the process, which I unfortunately can’t use as I have a better one already, but I think he is much more interesting than the Sha. 200g repair bill was definitely worth it!

Now I just need to kill Galleon…