I stumbled across the achievement of: “When in Ihgaluk, do as the Skumblade do” a few days ago, and decided it would be fun to start it.

Aviary Photo_130209862387776572Ever seen this guy hanging around?

kroshik1This is Kroshik and he has an achievement all to himself. The achievement requires you to simply /bow in front of him in his various forms: as an egg, a young dino, adult (which you see here), then as a poor sacrificed beast.

So, 4 phases. Each phase lasts 4 days so it will take you a few days to complete.

Egg phase

WoWScrnShot_080913_133312This is located at Progenitus’ (the rare on Isle of Thunder) spawn point.

Young Phase

Little Kroshik runs around Ihgaluk Crag, directly below where the egg spawns. Be careful, unless you’re a Saurok at this point, there are a lot of hostile mobs around.

Adult Phase

You can’t miss him – he wonders all over the place, between the beach and Ihgaluk Crag.

Sacrificial Phase

The poor guy ends up sacrificed on the altar at the beach. Go pay your respects!

You can start the achievement at any point in the cycle, so it’s worth having a hunt around for him when you’re next killing Nalak.

Good luck!

Treasure Trove Scenario

The Treasure Trove scenario – a solo experience aimed at enabling you to pic up a whole host of goodies.

Quick Info

  • Kill rares on the Isle of Thunder (list and map) to get a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen
  • Hand the key in to Taoshi in the cave at 51,46 to gain access
  • Loot chests to have a chance at things like Elder Charms, Rep tokens and Burial Trove Keys (for extra chests at the end)

As far as we’re concerned, this scenario is good for two things: getting as much gold and charms as possible, or for getting to the last room to loot the golden treasure chests.

1. Final Room run

Pros: hi-tailing it to the final room and killing the  boss there gets you access to 3 special chests which contain a chance at better loot.

Cons: there’s only a chance at the better loot – it doesn’t always pay off. You also miss out on loads of chests which contain the goodies along the way. However, if you get there quick, you can always double back and loot some in the time you have remaining.

Extras used: Potion of Light Steps (1 Elder Charm, requires Friendly with Kirin Tor Offensive), 3 Polymorphic Keys (3 charms each, requires Exalted with Kirin Tor Offensive).

Our view: It’s not worth it, we prefer the gold and rep tokens (on our mains) or the charms (on our alts). However, we’ve put together a video for you to see the route and where I used the potions and keys.

2. Loot run

Pros: lots of goodies

Cons: we never have enough time to get to the final boss and/or get caught by the traps a lot causing me to slow down

Extras used: none

Our view: Go for it! We tend to circle around the room looting every chest possible using speed boosts. We’ve uploaded a video – mistakes and all – to show how much we got and the loot.

We average:

  • 10-15 Elder Charms (17 on this one)
  • 1-3 Burial Trove keys (2 on this one)
  • 15-20 Tattered Parchments for rep
  • 1 or 2 Ritual Stones
  • 200-300g

Enjoy the clip!

Isle of Dailies, I mean… Thunder.

So, the new patch hits. I hear mixed reviews but it’s a couple of days before I have chance to check it out.

I am – generally – very disciplined – I do all my dailies 6 days a week (work depending of course) and I now have all MoP factions exalted except Tushi Pandaren (working on it!!). I was quite looking forward to a change of scenery and new things to discover and different mobs to kill.

I am not impressed.

Firstly, the starting area on the boat. Full of people afk taking up space and getting in the way.

Next, the island. I like the idea of everyone on the server contributing to the xp. I don’t think the island is that inspiring though… damp, dingy, swampy, dark… If I wanted that, I’d go touring around Swamp of Sorrows. I’m also not particularly enamoured with the mobs – more Mogu-like statues, granite dogs and lots of cliffs to repeatedly fall off.

However, I do like the idea of the mage bubbles (even if they’re a nightmare to see on my rubbish computer) and also having a few different hubs – it spreads the mania out slightly and gives you some options in your game play and time spent doing dailies. I love that you are turned into a Saurok – the jumping part is very fun. I also think it’s a lovely idea to turn your pet and/or minion into something too. I have come across two transmutations so far (Basilisk and Globule):



I think the globule is the best 🙂

I know I haven’t really committed to these, but as a general first impression, I’m not enthralled. I shall update you in a couple of weeks!

EDIT: so a few months in and I’m still discovering transmutes of my pet. I still don’t like the dailies, but I’m working on some achievements I’ll write about another time. Here are more mutations of my Elemental (Mini Saurok and Cockroach):