#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 15-20 (H,I,J)

Here’s the next installment of #IntPiPoMo, from @AdmiringAzeroth.

H- Halfhill and Honour Hold

Aviary Photo_130289128830288883

Halfhill is one of my favourite places in the MoP expansion. Honour Hold continues to puzzle me, with its multiple entrances and nasty ogres!

I – Imperial Eagle Chick and Instances

Aviary Photo_130289128615516495A very regal pet. Instances, love them or hate them, we all do them!

J – Jade Forest and Jaina Proudmoore

Aviary Photo_130289128467397272My favourite place in the world is Jade Forest (seconded closely by Nagrand!). It’s such a beautiful and -mostly- serene place to visit. Jaina is Mr B’s choice – fabulous woman!