This is the beast, and he is certainly impressive!

Aviary Photo_130134601030267923

Key Points

  • Found in Kasarang Wilds (map) – once again, full credit to this lady as her site is a bountiful source of information on all the tames, in a lot of detail.
  • Patrols in and out of the water – the tracks are easy to see on the sand but you can miss them in the water
  • You must be level 87 to tame
  • Has quite a long route along the shoreline, in and out of hostile areas – so be careful

Taming Strategy

  • As always, you’re looking for his ‘muddy tracks’ – check the water carefully. Follow them until they stop and throw a flare ahead of where you think the next one will appear. It takes some practice to predict on his windy route.

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  • I’ve heard that if you’re inside the flare when he shows, he aggros, so make sure you throw it ahead of you. I personally haven’t confirmed this yet though.
  • Once he shows, pop a hunters mark on him immediately, to stop him stealthing out of sight and make him invisible to other hunters. He looks quite menacing here, doesn’t he?!
  • Aviary Photo_130134600803128456Hit tame when you’re ready, he’s so chilled he’ll keep pootling along as you’re taming, no fancy tricks needed.

Special Abilities

He has ‘Shell Shield’ in tank spec, which is quite a nice reduction of damage ability – it is standard for turtles though.

I must admit, I prefer the look of Terropene, but he’s a nice addition if you like these monsters 🙂

Happy Taming!