Fishing Extravaganza

For all you budding anglers out there, the daily fishing event is a must. Not only are the pools of great quantity, but the fish sell well on the auction house too. Bonus! It’s a great way to level up your fishing, especially if you spend loads of time queuing for LFR like I do.

WoWScrnShot_081913_175403The event

  • Happens daily in different locations around Pandaria – El’s Anglin’ has all the information on the exact spots.
  • Lots of pools close together with extremely quick respawn rates
  • A fishing raft / levitate / meditation etc is useful to access pools further into each particular area (the middle of the lake for example), but not necessary
  • Fish as normal – no pole or lure needed!

You need more information?

Ben of the Booming Voice…

Aviary Photo_130214051105447096

…located by Halfhill flightpoint near the river (Tomtom co-ords: 58 46), will tell you where the fish of the day is, and will even mark it on your map for you. He’s a nice chap!


There’s a rare to kill!!

Aviary Photo_130214042507317052Krakkanon spawns from a ‘large’ pool when it has been completely fished. These ‘large pools’ spawn every hour or so and contain up to 100 fish. This guy has a lot of health but doesn’t hit very hard – I’ve solo’d it on my level 90 mage (who had an ilvl of about 516 at the time). Just avoid the water jets that he throws around. He drops loot too – lots of fish, the quests for Nat Pagal and even:

Aviary Photo_130214045492780451

… which is pretty cool.

I hope this helps you enjoy fishing in some really beautiful locations in Pandaria.

Happy fishing!