Mini Update… (Eurovision calls!)

Neither of us have blogged for a few days because we forgot to renew our sub /sadface so we have been spending time together and other boring RL stuff.

Just kidding, love you :*

Anyway, we have an exciting (well, one of us is excited about this and it isn’t me!!!) new blog series which we hope will start tomorrow, featuring Mr B and his newest alt. We are also slowly catching up to Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge which I’ve been posting periodically. Finally, Mr B is actually in bed (early starts, remember?!) as I write this, so no update from him today… I’ll just put a little then EUROVISION!

So today, I spent a glorious few hours doing exactly what I wanted to. I’ve decided this is the way forward: don’t feel pressured to do the end content stuff as in reality, I’m several months behind and it makes me really stressed trying to do things without really understanding them.

As I write this, stress from a video game? Wut? A whole new blog post I think???

I picked up a few new quests from my Order Hall after handing a couple in. I pottered around Dalaran doing some Mage Quests with Khadgar – those were annoying… in and out of the Order Hall and Violet Hold. Silly mage, making me run everywhere. I also went on a couple of profession quests, bagging a new pet (Ashmaw Cub) and a few new pieces of gear. I also realised I was running dangerously low on Order Resources, so I headed off to do my first few World Quests. If you have any advice which one’s to choose I’d be grateful. I just did the one’s closest to where I was doing my Archaeology quest…?


Lots of writing, sorry! Will see you tomorrow (hopefully) for Mr B’s big – by his standards – reveal.

Enjoy Eurovision 😉



Day 16, level 110!

I’d just settled down to play, when my first child decided to screech that she wasn’t tired, which woke my second child up. Cue half hour of trying to sort them out… in the end, I brought sprog 1 downstairs and bribed her with TV whilst I finished the last 9% before 110. Excellent parenting skills amirite? 😉

Anyway, I finally did it!


Sorry about the terrible screenshot, I only realised as it was happening!

I then went back to Dalaran and was instantly overwhelmed with all the quests to pick up and stuff I had to do… anyone recommend what to prioritise?!!

Anyway, it’s only a quick post as I still have to put mini-WoW into bed, so goodnight, and happy weekend gaming!

A Jolly Good Time

Day… 14? of resub. I’ll edit that if I find out! Level 108.


Look, funny flying Gnome (note: no magic involved, lag!)

I had such a good time tonight I didn’t even notice the ding. I’ve spent a good few hours (Mr B went to bed early – I have no idea what he’s been doing, sorry!) pottering around Val’sharah. Look how pretty it is!!! I took lots of screenshots.

It was good to see some old faces – Tyrande and Ysera. It was amazing to be somewhere pretty at last (thanks, Twitter for recommending this zone next!) and it was also good to pick up a couple of pets and toys from rares I hadn’t already got. Time flew!

I also spent too much time oggling at this dude and his epic tree-beard:


I wish our PC would handle graphics settings other than “ultra low”, I bet he looks magnificent in HD!

I also finally found a guild that seems nice – I was propositioned by a player named “Jellinator” (made me giggle too), so we will see how that goes. I had a much less lonely time this evening anyway!

Right, I’m off… not that I want to, but I’ve almost finished this zone (*sob*) so I’m going to eek it out a little by pacing myself!

Val’sharah also has the cutest battle pets!!!!



A little vay-cay

Day 12 of resub, level 106

I have an excuse for slacking, I swear! It has been bank holiday weekend here in the UK and we took the kiddies out to the seaside (our nearest one is a couple of hours away so a bit of a hike!), visited family and all fell asleep on the sofa early, so not much play time.

Mr B: speak for yourself – I’ve been busy. Leveled my new priest to 26, did 4 levels in one dungeon it’s ridiculous! I decided I didn’t want to play the Shaman or the rogue, so went for a gnome priest instead. It’s good so far!

He has issues – he’s started levelling about 10 alts since I started this little resub series. When I went in earlier, he was on the demon hunter….

Anyway, today I pottered around finishing as questing chapter in Highmountain (yep, still there!) when I realised that it’s children’s week. I got very confused as I thought you could only get 3 pets per character (yes, makes no sense reading it), but figured it out in the end and got cracking with the 6 I have left to collect.

I did almost 3 – I say almost, the Auchindoun quest is bugged so I’ve submitted a report in the hope it’ll be resolved tomorrow – and actually really enjoyed myself. Must have been about 2 years since I was last in Shattrath and Northrend and it’s so pretty! You forget so easily. I also have never been to the High Seat below Ironforge to see what’s-his-face. Didn’t realise it existed. Fabulous!

I also wanted to buy the orphans all the toys, poor little buggers. I did however, check for new toys at the vendor and picked up 6 new ones that I didn’t have for some reason… train sets, footballs and all sorts. Got an achievement too! Woo!

Let’s hope that buggy quest is fixed so I can get on with the next 3 tomorrow. Going to be irritating without portals.


Day 13 of resub – level 107 (woo!)

Buggy quest fixed. Yay! I tried to log onto Monk to do the last 3 orphans, but being the noob I am, couldn’t figure out how to get to Stormwind from new Dalaran, so gave up.

Did some levelling and mostly spent time finishing Highmountain quests – couldn’t figure out what to do when finished so gave up.

Did a dungeon with the nicest group of PUGs I’ve met in a long time. Said hello, didn’t rage on the tank when he died, said thanks. Was a breath of fresh air. Dungeon was boring though – Nelfarion?

Mr B: got bored of the Priest, so went back to doing World quests on my Demon Hunter… want to crack on with pathfinder. 

Did you expect anything less?!!! 

Hit me with your… Thunder Totem (?!!)

Day 6 of resub (I think) level 103

The baby slept sooooo badly last night, and it was my first day back at work too, so I only logged for an hour or so as I can barely see. So on the surface, not much was done.

Actually, I’m making excuses, but I feel this is probably due more to the fact that I kept getting distracted by the ridiculously lovely skies in Highmountain and I kept taking screenshots… (I managed to figure out how to hide the UI, go me!). Looooook:


I also really enjoyed looking at the Tauren baddie hide-outs… I think I liked all the pretty dangly decorations (ooh look, sparkly!). Here:

WoWScrnShot_042417_204436.jpgI’d quite like to live here – whitewater wash. Pretty river, pretty scenery, city nearby. Shame about all the things trying to kill me really.

Anyway, I digress. My favourite quest today was throwing the carp back in the river. It seemed a bit fruitless to be honest, as the stupid things kept reappearing. I did my 8 and quoted Darwin to the others as I left. Silly fish.


That’s about it I’m afraid. I’m still looking for a guild – Ally EU Doomhammer if you know anyone. I did advertise myself like a used family car, but there weren’t any takers. I think I’m going to have to resort to a lucky dip and just apply for a few before I expire from in-game lonliness!

Mr B.

So yesterday, after dividing up the child-free PC time “fairly” (she always gets more than me!), I asked the wife to say I got to level 92 not 102. Can’t get the staff these days. So today, I can confirm I got my reroll Shaman to level NINETY SEVEN. I’m power levelling through Draenor by collecting treasures, can’t believe how quick it is actually. Not much else to report, level level level at the moment, content is fairly boring. Bring on the artifact questlines! I look so ridiculous in the questing gear, I’m not posting a picture! 🙂