Alt Appreciation – Shaman Week!

Welcome back to Alt Appreciation!

Class Week

This week is Shamans! We both have Shamans, but not an awful lot to say, so I’ll go first.

My Shaman and I have had a bit of an on-off love affair for over a year. I rolled her as a pure healer – I have never DPS’d on her and levelled purely through instances. I wanted to do this for several reasons: learning the class, experimenting with those awesome totems and to not get side tracked by using awesome lightning to kill the bad guys. She’s my only Draenei and I’ve always found it hard to mog her, nothing seems quite refined enough for her!

Aviary Photo_130212012686999618

Poulette was interestingly, my first 90 in MoP. We were raiding at the time and I was healing (of course), so it was a priority to get her levelled up. However, I found it really tough, there were changes and new spells and CDs which I didn’t understand, so I quickly reverted back to my Mage as a main and raider.

That said, now I’ve had some time to experiment, I do love this healer. I love using totems and I think they have lots of neat tricks up their sleeve. I know people really aren’t fans of the humble restoration shaman this expansion, but she still remains very close to my heart!

My shaman is relatively new, I levelled him with Mrs B as part of a ‘couples project’ with her Monk. I love that he’s a Panda!

Aviary Photo_130212005483471872

I liked leveling my shaman especially through dungeons and spamming chain lightning. Of course, owning Mrs B on the DPS was always a bonus! Since I got it to 90 i haven’t been too enthralled with it. I get bored of healing very easily so have only tried that few times. With elemental spec, I found the rotation rather boring and dislike relying on procs for DPS. I have been thinking about trying enhancement but not too sure yet.

As with anything, I suppose it’s time… and I’ve just started a new Horde DK that I’m desperate to level for some PvP pwnage! Maybe on day in the future I’ll get round to respeccing and finding some love for Burq.