#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 21-26 (K,L,M)

Welcome back! We’re half way through!

K – Kalimdor and King Varian Wrynn

Aviary Photo_130295287690764992

Kalimdor is somewhere I haven’t really explored much, although I have got a lowbie Horde that I’m levelling slowly. King Wrynn? He’s just a dude.

L – Lightwell and Lich King

Aviary Photo_130295285454912758This is the closing cinematic of ICC when you defeat the Lich King, epic, isn’t it! My lovely little Priest with her Lightwell on the right.

M – Monkey (Gib) and Mantid

Aviary Photo_130295294917932861

Here’s my Monk hanging out in Klaxxi with the creepy Mantid. I had to cheat for Gib on the right, although I have him, I’m camping for a rare in Hyjal and didn’t want to revisit my stable to get him out. More on that another time!

ICC 2man normal – Mr and Mrs B style

We fancied a transmog run and we’d never 2 manned it. Here’s our adventure, wipes and all!

Mr B: Death Knight (Frost – Blood for Lich King)

Mrs B: Priest (Disc) / Mage (Frost) for Lich King

Lord Marrowgar


  • Use cooldowns? Yes we did, although probably would be easy without.
  • Nuke? Yes!
  • Any problems? Nope.
  • Key things to be aware of? I healed in melée range, to make it easier to move out of the coldflame which always came at me.

Lady Deathwhisperer


  • Use cooldowns? Yes – although could probably do it without.
  • Nuke? Yes!
  • Any problems? Nope, but move out of the death and decay.
  • Key things to be aware of? We cleared the entire room of adds first and I healed in melée range again. We popped all cooldowns (not inc. Army of the Dead) and nuked – we ignored all adds that spawned and she went down without any problems.

The Boat


  • Use cooldowns? No
  • Nuke? N/A
  • Any problems? None – although it came close to our boat being taken down – it was on 25% when we finished.
  • Key things to be aware of? Nothing that’s not obvious. I equipped a rocket pack just incase I needed to go over. I stayed on the boat, he went to the enemy boat. We both went on the cannons and fired away. I suppose you just need to make sure you don’t get thrown off by their cannons when you’re dealing with the adds. We even got the achievement – it’s definitely bugged!

Deathbringer Saurfang

  • Use cooldowns? Yes
  • Nuke? Yes.
  • Any problems? Nope
  • Key things to be aware of? Neither of us started the fight and were standing there fora good 5 minutes until we realised… I suppose we have always expected someone else to 😉

Prince Valanar

  • Use cooldowns? Yes
  • Nuke? Yes.
  • Any problems? Nah.
  • Key things to be aware of? We got him down before the switch took place – but I suppose watching for the adds if you get passed there.

Blood Queen

  • Use cooldowns? If you feel you need to.
  • Nuke? Yes.
  • Any problems? No, although if you want this achievement, it might prove a lot trickier!
  • Key things to be aware of? None, she was easy peasy.

Plaguewing Trash

*hides face* we died here because we were being cocky and weren’t paying attention


We think it was the scientists (we just pulled them all) which released some ‘bubbling puss’ which two-shotted us simultaneously – rather embarrassing but serves us right I suppose! Mr B then ‘Mind Controlled’ one of them which increased his DPS expodentially.

I also think it was a form of revenge on his part……

Festergut / Rotface


  • Use cooldowns? No.
  • Nuke? Of course!
  • Any problems? The Vile Gas kept disorientating me which was very irritating.
  • Key things to be aware of? Festergut drops a staff called “Abracadaver“. This is awesome.

Professor Putricide


  • Use cooldowns? You can do.
  • Nuke? Yes, but obviously with the phases, it’s fragmented.
  • Any problems? Nope.
  • Key things to be aware of? The green goo which used to cause so much of a problem, now only ticks for 4k (on me, a priest) and 400 on Mr B (DK). So we just stood in it and kept going.

Valithria Dreamwalker


  • Use cooldowns? Healing ones, yes.
  • Nuke? N/A
  • Any problems? I went OOM in the last 2% but otherwise, no.
  • Key things to be aware of? The supressors do the damage to the boss, so kill those first. We didn’t have any trouble.

Sindragosa Gauntlet


It kept resetting (a known bug – I just did nothing and Mr B kept all aggro and killed them), so we ended up with lots of spiders. *shudders*


  • Use cooldowns? Yes, it took us a couple of goes.
  • Nuke? Yes.
  • Any problems? It kept resetting!!! We didn’t die, but she kept flying off, it was very irritating.
  • Key things to be aware of? If you both get ice tombed, she resets. We conquered this by staying away from each other and Mr B got me out whenever I got tombed (which was often).

Lich King


  • Use cooldowns? Yes, in phase 2. We popped timewarp… everything.
  • Nuke? Yes, but especially in phase 2.
  • Any problems? The main one was me getting carried off the platform by the flying Valk’yr things which made us wipe 3 times. We realised we needed to burst through this, so I changed to my mage (I’m glad I did – got an amazing staff!). Phase 1 as normal, phase 2 pop all CDs and burst through so she doesn’t pick anyone up, then nuke til dead. Follow normal tacts with moving to the edge of the platform and back in for the different phases.
  • Key things to be aware of? The icy sphere things knock you back off the platform (we learnt this the hard way) if they get too close to you. As ranged, I had no problem keeping these away from Mr B.

A longer post from us today, but we hope you enjoyed it!

Last nights Guild fun

Mr B here! Last night we decided to have some fun as a guild and went to ICC to complete as many 10 man achievements as we could. After blowing through all the bosses gathering the achievements easily (we are 90’s so we did cheat i suppose), we came to The Lich King Arthas and proceded to try the achievement http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=4601/been-waiting-a-long-time-for-this-10-player .

After a few unsuccessful attempts using the tactics others had posted, we realised the reason we were failing is because Mrs B’s shammy couldn’t dispell the necrotic plague diseases… duh. So, we improvised and came up with our own tactics. These were:

  • I stood on the boss with the adds.
  • The rest of the group stood in the middle stacked up.
  • When somebody got necrotic plague they would run out of the group so it wouldn’t spread.
  • After i had about 20 adds on me we had the next person with necrotic plague come to me so it would spread to the mobs and everytime it ran out or the mob died it would carry on spreading adding a stack each time..
  • Then we just kept me healed while waiting for the necrotic plague to stack up to 30 while anybody who got necrotic plague ran out of the group again.
  • After it got to 30 we killed the mobs and then dps’ed the boss as normal.

We eventually managed to stack necrotic plague to 30 stacks (as per the achievement) only for it to jump to me and hit me for 2,000,000 damage. Ouch. This happened again when it jumped to me instead of the dps group stacking a way away. This time we did manage to push the King in to phase 2 before we wiped.

We were just about to give up for the night when we actually managed to do it – not without a few hiccups though. Necrotic plague didnt jump to me just once this time, but three times. The first two times I managed to mitagate the damage (was quick to shout out to Mrs B so she could spam heal). The time none of my cooldowns were up and it hit me for 2million and i promptly died. Luckily the other deathknight combat ressed me and I managed to pick up the Lich King before he wiped out the raid. We then managed to push it to phase 3 only for Mrs B to be carried and dropped off the edge by a mob.

So with no healer, me, a hunter and a mage managed to dps him down quickly enough   that we managed to miss a whole phase and score the kill – triggering loads of achievement spam in guild chat. In the end, after 3hours and lots of fun, we managed to walk away with our new Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher mount for me and Mrs B (pic below).

We do want to go back and do it on heroic next week to finish it off for those of the group who joined later so they can have thier mounts. Bring it on…!