Love is in the Air…


On top of Violet Citadel on Valentine’s Day

So, jumping on the bandwagon, Mr B and I decided to go for a virtual picnic in Dalaran for the achievement, “Lonely”, yesterday. We enjoyed a lovely 5 minutes enjoying the view. Incidentally, the view of the city from above is lovely:


View of Dalaran from above.

So, how goes it with the Love Fool achievements generally? Not bad. I do a lot of dailies anyway so adding the extra 3 isn’t a huge burden. They seem a bit non-sensical – go to Uldum, kill 5 mobs. Do your dailies, collect lots of charms, make necklaces, take them to the King. Sniff guards. Not really the most imaginative. It would be nice to do a mini rep grind to win the favour of a Prince or something – perhaps my inner romance shining through there.

However, the actual achievements have been a welcome challenge – I”ve really enjoyed working through them so far. I only have Pity the Fool and Fistful of Love left before I get the title. My favourite was Flirt With Disaster – very fun!I’d love the rocket, but I started them too late to collect enough tokens. Maybe next year.

How are you getting on – are you the Love Fool yet?