I actually wrote this a long time ago, but it is one of the last of the Fable’s that I have left to post. As it is, I still use this set-up (albeit with a more refined understanding of the abilities), so I  hope it helps with an alternative strategy should you need it!

Greyhoof is located near Stormstout Brewery in Valley of Four Winds.

Aviary Photo_130261462266972859

Pet Setup

Aviary Photo_130261462415592774


My strategy was a “try it and see” one, so perhaps there are others with more finesse. I used the pets and abilities in the order as shown above.

This guy is a bit of a DPS machine. I used anything mechanical I had (which as you can see, isn’t a lot) with the highest hitting nuke they had. My Zep was only 21 at the time, so that went first with the bomb and the rocket, the I swapped it out for the xp before it died.

After the Zep, I went in with the Gnome and used the rocket and punched it in the face til he died. Poor guy. Then, I used the Idol to demolish it til it died.

As I said, I blagged this big time, but the tactic worked and my Zep got some xp as it was (just) still alive.