Naked Raid!

As you may know from my spamming on Twitter, we organised a naked raid yesterday.


See the rules of the event here.

We had about 14 people all-in-all: 2 tanks, 3 healers and the rest DPS.

The Best Bits

  • Being naked… duh.
  • Seeing everyone else naked!
  • Downing Raggy… naked.
  • Lava swimming… naked.
  • Finally meeting lots of awesome twitter people

The Difficult bits

  • The core hounds – we adopted a “we’re level 90’s and therefore invincible” approach: went in and attacked. However, because we lacked so much dps, we couldn’t AoE them down before they respawned on each other.
  • Gaining aggro as a tank – also didn’t help with the core hound problem. Gathering them was near impossible.
  • Mana regen was next to nil
  • Haste / attack power etc was next to nil, so dps averaged around about 3k on the mage – a far cry from my usual 90-100k!
  • MelĂ©e having very little damage due to only having a white weapon

The next plan

We’d like to try something a little harder – although the healers think it may be tricky with their lack of mana regen. However, BWL or ICC definitely would give us a challenge!


If you’d like to see a vid, Batinna has put together a wonderful compilation of our adventure and Thibaste has put together a gallery of screenshots for us.


A massive thank you to everyone who came yesterday!!

Naked Raiding!

We propose a fun event on Weds 24th April at 8pm realm time.

Server: Silvermoon (but with cross realm zones it doesn’t really matter!)

Faction: Alliance

Where: Molton Core (to start), Blackwing Lair, Temple of Ahn’Qiraj etc


The Rules

  1. No armour allowed (inc. trinkets, rings, necks etc)
  2. If you use a weapon (i.e., hunters, rogues) you are allowed a white weapon (level 5 and under).
  3. You can equip any item that drops whilst in the raid
  4. Only class buffs allowed – NO food buffs or potions!

We hope this will be a really fun event for everyone! Drop us a message on Twitter or as a comment if you’d like to come (we’ll send you our battle tag) – the more the merrier so spread the word!