Monday Moan #23

I drafted out this Monday Moan a week early… oh dear.

This week I’m going to be moaning about the kicking system in World of Warcraft.


As you know, we’ve been levelling from 1-90 as a group of 4 with some friends of ours. One problem we have been coming across time and time again is flaws with the kicking system. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s there for a reason, but when you need it to work and it doesn’t? Very frustrating.

Let me illustrate this for you. We queue for a dungeon and the pug hunter is needing for everything he can. We ask him nicely to stop. He doesn’t. We try to kick, but the system won’t let us kick him for X minutes. Or whilst we’re in combat. The hunter knows this and starts chain pulling so we can’t kick. We either fight it, or die. All we wanted to do was run for quick xp and some new gear, but one person is spoiling the exercise for us all and we are powerless to stop it.

Another example: a healer who won’t heal. Or a tank who won’t do his job. Or a hunter who won’t turn pet taunt off. Or someone ninja pulling. Or a druid in the wrong form. If you’re anything like us, we’ll always ask nicely for the problem to be solved. If you’re also like us, then these people will ignore you, or say “GO” in /s (which I hate by the way) and then you are not able to kick them due to the flaws in the kicking system.

I don’t WANT to kick people. However, when you’re queuing for the sole purpose of some upgraded gear, or for some quick XP and some moron is stopping you achieving that on purpose? There should be a system in place to resolve it.

I know there are people that abuse the system, and I know that the other options – i.e., not needing a majority for the kick or kicking too often – wouldn’t work. However, as I always say, this isn’t a rational post weighing up the pros and cons, but a moan about the problems of my week. I’m sure you all have these gripes, especially with not being able to kick an idiot in LFG. Right?

Monday Moan #22

the-sha-of-anger-world-of-warcraft-screenshot-62309This weeks moan is just a small one all about TREETOPS.

How annoying is it flying through the damn things?? Some you get stuck on, some you fly through (what’s with that by the way – transparent tree tops?!) and some are so high they taunt you as you fly past. If you’re anything like me, you set yourself on a path, go afk for 5mins whilst you travel, then end up like THIS;


It’s not just getting stuck on them that annoys me – it’s the fact you can’t see anything. Either fly in between and be blind and dodge the trunks, or fly above and add time to your journey. Hmph. I do not like treetops!

Monday Moan #20


This week I’m dedicating the moan to something we can all relate with.


This is about normal for my PC…. IF I’m standing in a non-populated zone and not doing anything except flying or simple questing:

Aviary Photo_130182761562642323

However, THIS is what happens in any LFR which includes the following: a boss, being in melée range, being in caster range, AoE, timewarp, big spell effects, other people…

Aviary Photo_130182762661783719

The amount of times I’ve watched people go “the priest/mage/monk is afk, kick them!” because I literally can’t move and die because I get stuck in the fire…

This is what has been happening more and more recently:

Aviary Photo_130182761805543971

The latency got upto 3k yesterday. Joys.

The problem is mainly our service – we only have a 3mg line and can’t get fibre-optic in our area. The other is that we’re playing on laptops. But still, it’s so annoying!

Monday Moan #19

This week, Monday Moan comes direct from Andy from

We do recognise that others like to have moans too and we love to hear them – so If you’d like to write a guest post just drop us a line!

“One of the most annoying things about leveling is when you are in a dungeon and this question gets asked: “So, who has recount?”
‘Recount’ is a DPS meter that shows the amount of damage done to a boss either in an encounter or over the span of the whole raid, which you can post to any chat window to inform others. Now, the main purpose of recount is to show how much damage you’re doing to a certain boss or mobs, but while leveling I see people using it more and more and getting uptight if someone’s DPS is not at a particular level.
I mean… really?! Why do people care if the rogue or mage is only doing 1k dps in a WoTLK normal dungeon?? Being a hunter, my DPS is usually quite high, but I don’t go out my way to hit the DPS that is required for the HC version of old content… I’m only focusing on not wiping and killing the bosses! That’s all people should be bothering about while leveling but oh nooo…. I have even seen people moan about DPS in Gnomeregan of all places! A friend once told me this: “people who moan about DPS at low levels only do it because they are the ones doing low DPS at end game”. Now, I don’t know how true that statement is, but if you’re going to moan about DPS in old level content I am going to /ignore you!”
So, what do you think? Are DPS meters at level 30 really necessary?!

Monday Moan #18


As you know, we have been leveling a lot this past week and something has come to my attention that really annoys me…


I KNOW you’re not supposed to be able to fly inside and that’s absolutely fine, but in order to save time, I like to be able to fly into the space and roll as I auto-dismount, thus saving time stopping, clicking off the mount, then carrying on. Imagine every time you enter a no-fly space that you do that – say 1 door every 5 or 6mins, 3 seconds per time… 10 times per hour is 30seconds wasted just on getting OFF your mount. Madness!

Regard, specimen A:

Aviary Photo_130165596716271877

Looks ridiculous, right? So much hassle getting around on.

Now, specimen B:

Aviary Photo_130165596585384454


Previous to this recent leveling experience, I have always used a drake to fly on – depending on my fancy but usually either my Volcanic Stone or more recently, the Violet Proto-Drake. They look cool and I like to show off. However, due to my annoyance at getting stuck in every door I fly in, I’ve changed to the Imperial Quilen. I’ve actually come to love him!

Does this annoy you too?

Monday Moan #17


Perhaps a slightly silly moan this week, but one thing which I get quite annoyed about sometimes!

Hunter pets shrinking when tamed…

Look at this:

Aviary Photo_130158689305328098

This is Weedle, my giant grub from Jade Forest who – due to a bug (haha, hope you like the pun there!) – looked absolutely amazing because he was HUGE and didn’t shrink when tamed. I got loads of compliments about how he looked.

Now look at this:

Aviary Photo_130158687338700321Don’t you think it’s a shame they hot fixed it? Other pets I think would look brilliant are Pogeyan from Stranglethorn, Hexapos and Rockhide the Immovable – they’re massive before tame but shrink substantially afterwards. Pffft, I want a massive pet damnit!

I know you practical people will go on about them taking over the screen etc etc, but I – for all that my opinion matters – mourn the loss of the size of some of my pets.

Do you agree??

Monday Moan #16


I have been camping hunter pets a lot these past couple of weeks, and I’ve been really annoyed with several things:

1. People killing rare pets

2. People ninja-ing rare pets

3. People sharing your camp spot for rare pets


1. If you see a high level hunter in a lowbie area not moving, chances are he/she is camping a pet. Do us a favour, and when it spawns, LEAVE IT ALONE. The green is drops is so not worth it.

2. If you’re not a hunter and you see a hunter taming a pet… LEAVE IT ALONE. Don’t kill it just to be a prat… karma is a baaaad thing.

3. Oi! It’s mine, go away! If it was me and I flew to a spawn point and found someone already there, I leave that person to their own spot and go and find my own. I think it’s really rude and I refuse to compete over a pet… they were there first! It’s similar to queue jumping which also really gets my goat. May as well come back another time when they’ve gone.

In summary? BE NICE! Common courtesy seems to be a forgotten mannerism in today’s society. Let’s rediscover it, and hunters everywhere will be happy!

Monday Moan #15


I love my wife, but there is one thing that really annoys me!

She is really really tight when it comes to spending money in WoW (not in RL though when she loves to spend mine!). This is particularly evident with buying flight speeds….

She is constantly moaning when playing her alts about the slow mount speeds – she has 150% flying on every alt, and only forked out for 310% on her main, the Mage. What’s really irritating is she can afford 310% flying on all of them. WHAT. A. STINGE.

Recently, it has even resulted in me picking her up on a 2-seater mount and flying her around when we do things together just because it annoys me that she flies so slow.


Monday Moan #14

“inv sha”


/2 General [player1]:LFM Sha

[player2]: inv sha

[player2] inv

[player3] inv sha

[player1] dps lfg sha

[player1] inv

[player1] invvvvvv

[player4] TANK INV SHA

[player5] sha up? inv

Ever been in Kun’lai when Sha is up? Or Isle of Giants when Oondasta is prowling around? I am so fed up of the people who spam chat that I have to turn trade off… the general lack of ‘please’  is usually the catalyst.