A Day with the Dinosaurs

After much deliberation, I decided to have a break from the daily grind of, er, dailies, and go get me a dino.

Myself and Mr B went off to the Isle of Giants to farm the Zandalari Dinomancers for the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy which enables hunters to tame the Direhorns on the Island. We also started the grind for Dino Bones for the mount.

Aviary Photo_130099130084860302

Getting Started

  • Fly to the furthest point in Kunlai Summit (Zouchin Village) and fly immediate North – don’t panic about the fatigue, it’ll dismount you so keep on swimming.
  • Get to the island and pick up the flight point so next time you can fly there from Pandaria
  • Take a friend (we took a healer – disc priest – so he could DPS at the same time), as it will be much easier
  • There are different ‘sized’ mobs on the island to look out for – small, medium and large. You can only tame the smallest ones of each species

What to do

1. Be careful how you pull the mobs. My hunter is only 464ilvl and we pulled 2 by mistake – a small direhorn and one of the larger ones and it wiped us out

2. Go and hunt the Zandalari Dinomancers (they look like trolls) – take an immediate left up the path from the flight point and there are 4 or 5 there

3. Kill them for the Tome. We killed 6 before it dropped and we didn’t have to move from that spot

4. Pick which colour Direhorn you’d like to tame, and voila – done.


I haven’t named him yet – any ideas?

Other adventures

  • If you like collecting pets, like myself, then you’ll be interested to know you can also tame a Devilsaur (I found 2 different colours, I named mine Rex!)


  • Oondasta is here for you to enjoy trying to kill

Hunting the bones

This is a good old-fashioned grind – be prepared for the long haul. In exchange for 9,999 dinosaur bones, you can buy yourself a Bone-White Primal Raptor which looks very nice indeed. If that isn’t tempting enough, for 999 you can buy a Spectral Porcupine pet which also looks very pretty.

Each mob awards a different number of bones. We managed the small version of the mobs pretty easily between 2, and this is what we discovered:

Young Primal Devilsaur: rewards 11-13 bones

Primal Direhorn Hatchling: rewards 7-10 bones

Pterrorwing Skyscraper: rewards 13-16 bones but has a massive AoE attack which nearly wiped us out until we got the hang of it!

There are larger versions of these mobs but I suggest you get a small group together with better gear than HC blues 😀


Whatever you’re there for, it really is a beautiful place to spend time in. Good luck!

The Daily Grind

Mrs B:


I am as yet undecided about the huge numbers of dailies in MoP. I love achievements, so they do appeal to my perfectionist nature. We have also been working towards our 50 exalted reputations and so they have been a welcome change to killing the same mobs for hours. However, what I am struggling to understand is why I have to do them on all characters that I need the better gear on.


My usual set up is my Mage as my main – all professions are maxed (primary and secondary), I do all achievements on her and all dailies. I play Resto Shammy for the guild and love healing.. and only healing. I have done two professions to complement the mage but no cooking or fishing etc. The hunter is for pretending to be a zookeeper and ninja-pulling in dungeons and nothing else. No, I’m joking… honest 😉

Currently, I am doing (in order of priority, depending on how arduous my day has been):

  • Firelands (I want the mount!)
  • Golden Lotus (ditto – 3k off as of today!)
  • Shado-Pan (I’ll only do these one’s if Mr B is with me as a bodyguard!)
  • August Celestials
  • Operation Shieldwall
  • Low level cooking (usually in Stormwind – for the Chef Award)

Bearing mind I have already done:

  • All cooking to get Master of The Ways
  • Cloud Serpent (for a mount which I never use)
  • Tillers (ditto, although selling the excess veg got me a lot of gold!)
  • Sha’tari Skyguard
  • Shattered Sun (the title was definitely worth it)

These, of course, do not include the others we did before the start of MoP. However, with the introduction of MoP, as I heal for the Guild, I’ve started to realise that I’m either going to have to do dailies for the valour gear OR we need to find a new healer.

I have never DPS’d on my Shaman – and although I should perhaps relish the challenge – this really isn’t what I play it for. Should I suck it up and get on with it? What do you think about that little blue exclamation mark?