Noblegarden – a quick guide


To get the title “the Noble” and the achievement “Noble Gardener” for 10 points.

Getting Started

  1. Head to one of the starting zones (Dolanaar, Azure Watch, Goldshire or Kharanos for Alliance)
  2. Keep your bags as clear as possible

Eggs, eggs, eggs


  • You’ll need lots and lots of the eggs! These are usually located in bushes or in nooks of the building. If you just want to get the title, you’ll need between 150-250. I did this whole achievement with 205 eggs. If you want the mount, aim for 500 or so!
  • I found a good place in Dolanaar, right outside the inn. I could hide in the bush and camp the spawn spot at a rate of about 2 or 3 a minute:


Hiding in the bush…

  • After looting the eggs, open them and you’ll loot chocolate (which is a currency – trade it for items you need) and a chance at some of the items for the achievement
  • You’ll eventually get turned into a rather cute rabbit…

Aviary Photo_130094152229421159… which doesn’t have much use other than hopping about and hiding in bushes.


I Found One.. Find an egg, simples.

Aviary Photo_130094162601195338

Chocoholic – By opening eggs you get Noblegarden chocolate. By eating aforementioned chocolate (25 and then 100 of them) you’ll get the achievement. And a stomach ache.

Aviary Photo_130094164231852070

Desert Rose – By exchanging 50 of your chocolates at a vendor you can buy Spring Robes (ruins your transmog somewhat). Then, fly to the specified places of Badlands, Silithus, Thousand Needles, Tenaris and Desolace. Find a nice bit of desert, press C and right click the robes. This will plant a rather pretty flower and voila, achievement in the bag.

WoWScrnShot_040213_220922My husband and I doing /kiss for the achievement

Blushing Bride – I looted these items from the eggs, but you can buy them for tuppance from the auction house (35s on our server today!). Put on your chosen item (either the dress or the tuxedo combo), find a friend to put the other on, then /kiss. Rather romantic, no?

Aviary Photo_130094170533654508

Hard Boiled – you will probably loot this from your eggs that you collect, but the Spring Branch can be bought from a vendor too for 10 chocs. All you need to do is find a friend (Mr B made a lovely rabbit), meet them by the Springs in Un’goro and use the item to turn them into a rabbit. Wait patiently for a few seconds and they’ll lay an egg (no, I don’t get it either). Achievement, done.


Noble Garden – I found this a bit silly, as you need to hide an egg in your factions city. Except, you don’t need to hide it… Just buy a Noblegarden Egg from the vendor for 5 choccies, go to Stormwind / Orgrimmar and right click it in your bags. I chose that rather attractive looking tree in Stormwind. Exceptionally easy – and boring – achievement.

Spring Fling – I looted the pet needed from the eggs, but again, buy it from the vendor for 100 chocs if you want. It’s cute. Then, get a friend with the same pet to go to each of the areas and stand next to you. The bunnies will hop about excitedly and do some lovin’. After going to all 4 places, you’re done. If you don’t have anyone, go and hang around – there will be people in the same position and you can go make friends.

Shake Your Bunny-Maker – this is the only arduous one. You need to find the female versions of all the classes listed, equip the item (bought from a vendor), then use it on them (right click). We have an extremely low ratio of Horde on our server, so finding Goblins and Taurens was tricky… I ended up in their Shrine, outside Orgrimmar and at the daily hubs in search of them.


After a day of searching for a female Goblin, the title was mine!

Of course, there are other achievements available which are not part of the meta achievement, as well as the mount to collect. Enjoy the endless egg-clicking and let us know how you get on! Good luck!