Diary of two RIFT noobs #2

Day 2 and we’re still alive! Well, we’ve only died 3 times… that’s gotta be good, right?


I was casually exploring the website of my new mouse – Razer Naga – when I noticed a really cool promotion where you just sign up to their comms programme for free and get a mount and a costume cape! Sorted.

We both signed up and logged in for our free loots. We’re really chuffed as a mount in-game you need to buy for 2 platinum 50g. Upto now (level 15) we’ve only earned about 1platinum 60g… so still a way to go. Needless-to-say, we are so happy not to be running everywhere!

Aviary Photo_130328874417345768

Level 15, day 2.

Getting Around

We finally figured out that we could use the ports and your soul link – like a hearthstone. It’s a bit silly to have a one hour cooldown on it (in my humble opinion), but it makes things a little easier.


This is pretty linear and self-explanatory for the most part. We haven’t felt lost or out of our depth yet. We are currently working our way through the storyline and picking up and quests we stumble across in the world (which are plentiful). The mobs are an appropriate level, and the rift events give good xp.


Still don’t really have a clue about this, other than going cloth-int-anything else stat wise. We finally got a head piece and some shoulders each so we feel a bit more durable now. That being said, we still spend a lot of time dead! We also bought a couple of bags each (10 slots instead of 4) so we don’t keep having to go and find a vendor. We’re picking up a lot of crafting materials, which we have banked, as we haven’t picked up professions yet.


This is our main city and we made our way there today. It’s really beautiful actually.

Aviary Photo_130328874650013433

There seems to be everything the intrepid traveller/adventurer could need – we found vendors for all kinds and even joined in the “Fae Yule Celebrations”, which are the Christmas activities. We experimented with currency too – “unique snowflakes” we have been getting from world events buy mounts. We have 50, mounts cost 900… nearly there! We did do a daily quest for the Yule event and we each got a couple of pets from it, which was brilliant.

Being Social and All That

We joined in a guild which is run by @MissMurloc on twitter. Gives us a couple of perks, and @GPBatinna and @GPSicarios joined us there too – yay!

The Good Stuff

The RIFT world events are definitely a highlight of this game. You rock up to one, kill some monsters and get lootz. It seems you’re able to join other people’s party/raid groups (you can set it to private though) to help easier. The bigger your contributions, the better the rewards. We really really enjoy this element of the game. It’s also really good xp!

Another good element of RIFT is when something new enters your bag, it glows until you deal with it. This makes putting your new gear on really easy – you can see it and interact with it much quicker.

The scenery, despite my “low render quality” is really nice.

The Bad Stuff

Currencies. Ugh.

Gear stats, still no clue.

Here’s a pretty picture from the Sanctum to finish:

Aviary Photo_130328874849955436

Transmog problems last night

Ok ,so last night I told Mrs B that I needed her to come help me do a few BC raids to get my lock (and her hunter alt) some tier 6 for transmogging. After half hour or so of complaining and moaning about the raids being long and boring, I managed to bring her round to doing them with some chocolate bribary :).

Things were going well at first: blasted through the first part of Black Temple in 30 mins when she got a bit cranky that I hadnt started tea yet. After a wipe on Illidan – we forgot to keep the elementals a part in phase two (noobs!), I had all 3 peices from BT that I needed.

After, we decided to do Battle for Mount Hijal – taking two of the guild’s 70 Twinks along with us to get them any drops we didn’t want. Things were going well until the first boss, when we were too busy talking about something on the radio we forgot to pay attention to Death and Decay. Don’t we get complacent now that we’re 90?! We wiped with the boss still at about 70% lol (noobish I know).

To finish blasted our way through to the 3rd boss, only for the next lot of waves to bug out and leave us with -31 enemies left to kill. Understandably, Mrs B left in a foul mood after having wasted an hour and didn’t even get to face the bosses that dropped the tier items I wanted. Only got some shoulders for the hunter too, so a bit of a wasted trip.

Still, nice to revisit some old content!

UPDATE: went back this morning and completed it – finished the set. Pic below.