#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 27-32 (N,O,P)

We are back on the #IntPiPoMo after a couple of weeks unplanned break. Sorry we weren’t able to get this finished in time for November, but better late than never, right?

N – Night Elf and Nethergarde Keep

Aviary Photo_130309784490730473

I have two Nelfs and they’re both very dear to my heart. I love how refined they are! A little bit vain though… I was questing near Nethergarde Keep, so this is why it made it to my ‘N’ picture category.

O – Outland and Orebor Harborage

Aviary Photo_130309784313602077

Outland is rather iconic, how could we not include it? Orebor is another place we were questing in yesterday when I started thinking about ‘O’.  It’s a rather beautiful place, nestled amongst the mushrooms!

P – Pets and Pandas

Aviary Photo_130309784179407905

Two of my favourite things in WoW currently! I’m really into pet battling and collecting pets and I’m also really into Pandas. I’ve now levelled 3 out of the starting zone before realising I can’t be bothered going to 90 😀

See you soon for Q, R and S!

Re-Roll Days 13,14 and 15 (Life in the Freezer)

Levelling is slowing down now, we are doing less percent of a level each time we play, so we’ll combine posts from now on!

Day 13

  • Level: 68
  • Area(s): N/A – we ran instances instead (we had 2 levels of rested)
  • Favourite quests / moment: a DK when running Escape from Durnholde wasn’t attacking anything, so we asked why. He told us he was using his most powerful attack: “Death Siphon”. We – patiently – told him that he’s a melĂ©e and that that move is for survivability, and he spent about 10mins arguing with us. Said he was a ranged character, not melĂ©e. Hahaha, bless him, he was a new player and we had to convince him that he was melĂ©e before he believed us.
  • Least favourite quest/ moment: Escape from Durnholde – hate that instance. Everyone starts the next part before you’ve had chance to hand the quest in.
  • Instance(s): Mana Tombs, Escape from Durnholde, Shadow Labyrinth, Sethekk Halls, Auchanai Crypts
  • Favourite ability: N/A

Day 14

  • Level: 70 – yay!
  • Area(s): Borean Tundra (one quest)
  • Favourite quests / moment: N/A
  • Least favourite quest/ moment: N/A
  • Instance(s): Utgarde Keep – we had rested so we ran this a couple of times.
  • Favourite ability: Healing Spheres saved my bacon a couple of times!

WoWScrnShot_052813_212321A pretty place to quest in.

Day 15

  • Level: 73
  • Area(s): Borean Tundra, Dragonblight
  • Favourite quests / moment: I like all the quests with the Walrus’ – they’re cute! Oh, I also really liked rescuing the Defenders from the town using the griffins. Made me feel like a hero. There was also a quest later where you had to rescue the soldiers in the Mausoleum, using a gun, that was cool.
  • Least favourite quest/ moment: A Horde kept killing the damn quest giver at Death’s Stand, so we were waiting for a long time before they got bored. However, there was loads of us waiting so we had a little party. We also had lots of quests in the mines, where there’s competition for mobs and a low drop rate. It really hacked us both off.
  • Instance(s): Azjol Nerub, Ankhanet the Old Kingdom. So many spiders…
  • Favourite ability: Chain Lightening. It does soooo much damage. Constantly topping the charts.

WoWScrnShot_052813_212108Picking the totem from a Walrus corpse. Ew.

Re-Roll Day 10 and 11 (We Believe We Can Fly!)

Day 10

  • Level: 60 (almost 61!)
  • Gold: 5g (didn’t sell anything!)
  • Area(s): Hellfire Penninsula
  • Favourite quests / moment: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!! Getting your flight master license after so long having to run feels EPIC!
  • Least favourite quest/ moment: I pulled a lot of the ogres collecting the metal, which caused me to die. Wasn’t impressed. Hellfire generally isn’t my favourite… /yawn
  • Instance(s): Hellfire Ramparts – we both like this one, it’s short, easy to do and relatively interesting. In one run, with rested and quests, we did almost an entire level.
  • Favourite ability: FLYING!


A Panda on a kite looks brilliant!

Day 11

  • Level: 63
  • Gold: –200g – we bought flying and zen flying. Even in-game she’s spending my cash…
  • Area(s): Hellfire Penninsula, Terokkar Forest (at 62)
  • Favourite quests / moment: none, Outland is meh.
  • Least favourite quest/ moment: By Any Means Necessary: you know the quest with Empoor? The one which is really buggy and he takes ages to spawn along his route? That one… spent ages trying to find him!
  • Instance(s): Hellfire Ramparts – multiple times…, Blood Furnace, Slave Pens
  • Favourite ability: I love my meditation cloud. I can’t decide whether to fly or zoom on my awesome cloud!WoWScrnShot_051513_164028

For now, dear readers, Keep Calm and Meditate…

Re-roll Day 2 (Noobish Adventures)

Day 2:

  • Level: 23
  • Gold: 9g 9s 26c
  • Area(s): Westfall, Redridge Mountains, started Darkshire
  • Favourite moment / quest: using my overcharged golem to kick some harvester butt! The quest entitled: “Like a Fart in the Wind”. LOL.


  • Least favourite moment / quest: getting loot ninja-d in Deadmines by a healing shaman needing on hit.
  • Instances: Deadmines
  • Favourite ability so far: Flying Serpent Kick!!!


zoom zoom!

Re-Roll (take 2) Day 1

After changing servers, we didn’t think it was best to continue levelling our previous re-rolls on our old server. So, we decided  to start again:


Meet our Pandas – Mr B’s a male shammy, mine a female Monk.

I really want to level my first melée character, so wish us luck!

Day 1:

  • Level: 12
  • Gold: we cheated and sent ourselves 150, so 151g 12s 1c
  • Area: finished by choosing our facti0n and getting to Stormwind
  • Favourite moment /quest: I’m going to blog about it later so second favourite moment was using my new ‘roll’ ability. Mr B gets very annoyed me running off ahead of him! I also really loved jumping and balancing from pole to pole defeating the trainees in the pools, that was a fun quest. Mine was killing the virmin and finding the carrots in the starting area – something very satisfying about killing virmin…
  • Favourite ability so far: Thunderstorm, definitely. ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING!


I absolutey loved the starting area for the pandas – I thought it was beautiful and I loved all the little details that make WoW awesome. It’s such a shame you can’t experience it unless you roll a panda. If you haven’t yet, it’s well worth spending a couple of hours on one experiencing the magic!