Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #4

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #4

An Azeroth Holiday

Mr B: that’s easy. Howling Fjord. It’s just beautiful. It has mountains. Water. Snow… everything you could want or need. 
For me, it’s not so easy to decide. I suppose it depends what type of holiday you want? Or am I over thinking it? 
I’d love to go sightseeing in somewhere like Thunder Bluff or Orgrimmar. There’s so many cool things to see and do, obviously only ever playing Horde, that I haven’t done. However, how cool would it be to go sightseeing around somewhere like Booty Bay or one of the cute fising villages off the coast. Oh, how about the Panda starting island? I’d love to go back!

For a beach holiday, I think I’d like to go to the nice sandy beaches of Tanaris… I’d be quite happy relaxing there for a couple of days. I love this screenshot of my rogue hanging out on the Isle of Quel’Danas. She’s spent many happy moments admiring the view of the sea.

I’d also really like to visit somewhere in the mountains to do a bit of skiing or relaxing in a cosy cabin – somewhere like Mount Nevrest.

I also wouldn’t mind visiting Nagrand for a safari holiday, or visiting the beautiful rocks and gems in Deepholm. 
Thinking about it, I’d really love to do a tour of Pandaria. I’d visit Jade Forest, enjoy a ride down the river, take part in the sky race and visit the cloud serpents. I’d do a spot of fishing before heading to Halfhill and the market, eating lots of scummy food. Then I would go to Krasarang and have a lovely time on the beach (minus the things trying to kill me of course), then head off to the Shrine for some R&R.

The problem is the same as I face IRL. There are so many amazing, varied placed to visit, I can’t really decide where I would go first. Perhaps a Round-Azeroth-Trip is a good idea?!!

20 Days of WoW – Days 16 and 17

Day 16 – Things you miss (post Cataclysm)

At the risk of sounding philosophical, I am really struggling to find things to talk about for this one. Purely for the reason that nostalgia can often get the better of us and we miss things just because they’re not there any more. 

Cataclysm gave a much needed levelling experience and I actually really enjoyed the changes they made – I felt it was perhaps a little fragmented before this expansion.

I’m afraid I can’t comment – I’ve just about reached my one year birthday!

Day 17 – Your favourite spot (in game or outside it)

Nagrand – I could live there. The scenery is beautiful and the floating rocks are amazing. From the Horde perspective, the storyline is also really interesting, with Garrosh Hellscream entering the picture.

I could babble on and on about my favourite bits in WoW. I do a Picture of the Week which features many of the most beautiful places in the game. I agree with my husband, with Nagrand, I think we could both happily hermit away from the rest of the world in such a lovely place.

However, I also really love the Jade Forest and often find myself circling around enjoying the view and fishing in the pretty lakes. This is similar with Uldum and its desert oases, or Vashj’ir and the beautiful underwater reefs, and finally, Howling Fjord – have you ever just stopped to admire the sky?

I think ultimately, what we both love are the details in the game – from the variable weather to the running water. Perhaps there are more places to discover – let us know which is your favourite place to hang out!


The Isle of Giants

Re-Roll (take 2) Day 1

After changing servers, we didn’t think it was best to continue levelling our previous re-rolls on our old server. So, we decided  to start again:


Meet our Pandas – Mr B’s a male shammy, mine a female Monk.

I really want to level my first melée character, so wish us luck!

Day 1:

  • Level: 12
  • Gold: we cheated and sent ourselves 150, so 151g 12s 1c
  • Area: finished by choosing our facti0n and getting to Stormwind
  • Favourite moment /quest: I’m going to blog about it later so second favourite moment was using my new ‘roll’ ability. Mr B gets very annoyed me running off ahead of him! I also really loved jumping and balancing from pole to pole defeating the trainees in the pools, that was a fun quest. Mine was killing the virmin and finding the carrots in the starting area – something very satisfying about killing virmin…
  • Favourite ability so far: Thunderstorm, definitely. ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING!


I absolutey loved the starting area for the pandas – I thought it was beautiful and I loved all the little details that make WoW awesome. It’s such a shame you can’t experience it unless you roll a panda. If you haven’t yet, it’s well worth spending a couple of hours on one experiencing the magic!


A Day with the Dinosaurs

After much deliberation, I decided to have a break from the daily grind of, er, dailies, and go get me a dino.

Myself and Mr B went off to the Isle of Giants to farm the Zandalari Dinomancers for the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy which enables hunters to tame the Direhorns on the Island. We also started the grind for Dino Bones for the mount.

Aviary Photo_130099130084860302

Getting Started

  • Fly to the furthest point in Kunlai Summit (Zouchin Village) and fly immediate North – don’t panic about the fatigue, it’ll dismount you so keep on swimming.
  • Get to the island and pick up the flight point so next time you can fly there from Pandaria
  • Take a friend (we took a healer – disc priest – so he could DPS at the same time), as it will be much easier
  • There are different ‘sized’ mobs on the island to look out for – small, medium and large. You can only tame the smallest ones of each species

What to do

1. Be careful how you pull the mobs. My hunter is only 464ilvl and we pulled 2 by mistake – a small direhorn and one of the larger ones and it wiped us out

2. Go and hunt the Zandalari Dinomancers (they look like trolls) – take an immediate left up the path from the flight point and there are 4 or 5 there

3. Kill them for the Tome. We killed 6 before it dropped and we didn’t have to move from that spot

4. Pick which colour Direhorn you’d like to tame, and voila – done.


I haven’t named him yet – any ideas?

Other adventures

  • If you like collecting pets, like myself, then you’ll be interested to know you can also tame a Devilsaur (I found 2 different colours, I named mine Rex!)


  • Oondasta is here for you to enjoy trying to kill

Hunting the bones

This is a good old-fashioned grind – be prepared for the long haul. In exchange for 9,999 dinosaur bones, you can buy yourself a Bone-White Primal Raptor which looks very nice indeed. If that isn’t tempting enough, for 999 you can buy a Spectral Porcupine pet which also looks very pretty.

Each mob awards a different number of bones. We managed the small version of the mobs pretty easily between 2, and this is what we discovered:

Young Primal Devilsaur: rewards 11-13 bones

Primal Direhorn Hatchling: rewards 7-10 bones

Pterrorwing Skyscraper: rewards 13-16 bones but has a massive AoE attack which nearly wiped us out until we got the hang of it!

There are larger versions of these mobs but I suggest you get a small group together with better gear than HC blues 😀


Whatever you’re there for, it really is a beautiful place to spend time in. Good luck!