Re-Roll Days 22 and 23. Into Pandaria!

A bit of a long update today!

Day 22

  • Level and % of level: 39% through 83
  • iLevel: Mrs B: 318, Mr B: 336
  • Time played so far: 2 days 1hr 9mins to level 83 / 2 days 3 hours 27mins in total
  • Area: Deepholm til 83, then Uldum
  • Favourite moments: We both got told off for trying to ride Lady the Camel into Uldum 😀
  • Least favourite moments: PC overheating and getting dc’d in the middle of Vortex. I told them he was dc and asked them nicely to wait – they kicked him anyway. Twerps. I left when they did, but now I’m 5% ahead of him in xp.
  • Instances: Throne of Tides, Stonecore, Vortex Pinnacle (half of it anyway)

When we hit 83, we went to the AH and bought, for a few hundred gold, a set of 364 gear which boosted us up 100 ilvls and made things much easier.


Day 23 – level 85 and beyond

  • Level and % of level: 70% through 85!!
  • iLevel: Mrs B: 385, Mr B: 376
  • Time played so far:  2 days 7 hrs 43 mins – we had a whoooole day to catch up on a week of no play. We wanted to make the most of the 10% xp buff from Midsummer!
  • Area(s): Uldum and Twilight Highlands til 85 BABY!  Jade Forest (upto the end of Pawdon Village)
  • Favourite moments: Enjoyed knocking over the Pygmy Scout towers, that’s fun.


Had a good group for Vortex this time too (after a couple of false starts), and we had some fun pulling lots in there. I enjoyed grilling the dockworkers and making them cower in fear when doing the Twilight starter quests! We both think Teng Applebloom looks awesome carrying the kegs of cider too 😀

  • Least favourite moments: Twilight Highlands starter quests…yawn. Somehow feels less epic when you can use a flying mount… and I HATE HATE HATE the Twinspire quests in Jade Forest. Bad memories from dying constantly on earlier alts.
  • Instances: Lost City of Tolvir, Crucible of Carnage (where a quest reward was the “Very Manly Staff” /giggle), Stormstout Brewery

We hammered to 85 by skipping up zones ASAP and buying gear wherever possible.


  • Time played to 85: 2 days 6 hours 40mins
  • ilvl:  Mrs B: 351, Mr B: 346
  • He is OWNING me on damage – regularly pulling 30k dps in instances by his mastery critting all the time


We then went to Pandaland! and bought the new gear set from Dawn’s Blossom. This, along with my Spear of Xuen which I upgraded with justice from Archaeology and a couple of crafter blues, took my ilvl up to 380 and his to 370. This changed everything. I am now pulling 50k dps in dungeons, more with AoE, and for the first time… I’M BEATING HIM!!!!! 😀


Us together, Mr B rocking his pink and blue set!