I actually wrote this a long time ago, but it is one of the last of the Fable’s that I have left to post. As it is, I still use this set-up (albeit with a more refined understanding of the abilities), so I  hope it helps with an alternative strategy should you need it!

Greyhoof is located near Stormstout Brewery in Valley of Four Winds.

Aviary Photo_130261462266972859

Pet Setup

Aviary Photo_130261462415592774


My strategy was a “try it and see” one, so perhaps there are others with more finesse. I used the pets and abilities in the order as shown above.

This guy is a bit of a DPS machine. I used anything mechanical I had (which as you can see, isn’t a lot) with the highest hitting nuke they had. My Zep was only 21 at the time, so that went first with the bomb and the rocket, the I swapped it out for the xp before it died.

After the Zep, I went in with the Gnome and used the rocket and punched it in the face til he died. Poor guy. Then, I used the Idol to demolish it til it died.

As I said, I blagged this big time, but the tactic worked and my Zep got some xp as it was (just) still alive.


Here’s my strategy for Kafi, located in Kun’lai Summit.

Aviary Photo_130261510672587366

Pet Setup

Aviary Photo_130261510843367612

What would have been good here is a Tonk or Custodian, but I wanted to give an option fro those who may not have them, so I used another Life Exchange in their place, the Dragon.


He hits HARD. I used Life Exchange after his opener, which took me to 25% health, and gave me enough health to get him down to about 80% with Slicing Wind. Then, I swapped in the Gnome and used Launch Rocket 3 times before he died and Kafi was at about 10%. Finally, the Idol demolished (/giggle) him.

There are plenty of other strategies with much more finesse than mine, but it is possible to get him down with these 3 relatively easy to get pets. I hope it has given you another option to consider if you’re struggling!

Wastewalker Shu

It’s been a long time since I shared any of my pet battle tips. As always, I’m not a pro, but I hope I offer a combination that may provide help if you’re struggling!

Here’s my strategy for Mr Shu, located just outside the Klaxx’i hub.

Aviary Photo_130261480135780252

Pet Setup

Aviary Photo_130261480013513599

I used these pets, with abilities shown, to counter his pets, Crusher, Pounder and Mutilator.


Crusher  came first and by using the Faerie Dragon’s Moonfire and Slicing Wind he was a gonner. With Pounder, I used Life Exchange then Slicing Wind til my Dragon was dead. Next, Pounder cast Sandstorm so I countered with Cleansing Rain on the Water Skimmer and used the other abilities til Pounder died.

Finally, Mutilator took out my poor Skimmer’s remaining health quickly, so I swapped to the Idol and punched him in the face til he died.

A relatively stress free fight with these pets. Good luck!

Ti’un the Wanderer

Here’s my strategy for beating Ti’un, found in Townlong Steppes.

Aviary Photo_130261502706310573

Pet Setup

I actually had none of the right pets for this fight, so I employed the same tactic I used for Lucky Yi.

Aviary Photo_130261502583716278


Here, my strategy was to cast Apocalypse and survive until it struck. So, I brought my fail-safe pets which I know I can last a few rounds of hard hitting damage with. Ti’un casts Tidal Wave a lot which deals a butt-load of damage to back row pets, so watch out.

So, starting with the Roach and Apocalypse, then swapping to the Whelpling and using heal whenever up plus the others to fill the gaps (avoiding his nuke, which you can predict as he “pumps up”, with Life Off really helped!). When the Whelpling died, I used Life Exchange on the Dragon to heal the damage from the Tidal Wave, then Moonfire and Wind until the Apocalypse hit.

You can also use a crab, which are very sturdy. Renewing Mists can take the edge off the back row damage to the pets, and  the shield can mitigate *some* of the damage.

Not an easy fight without the right pets, but as I don’t have any for a more impressive strategy, this works OK for me every time.


Here’s my strategy for this slippery character, located in Kun-Lai Summit:

Aviary Photo_130261520240580575

Pet Setup

This isn’t much use to anyone really, as I didn’t try to kill it using the pets… but here goes:

Aviary Photo_130261520369333447


My strategy here, as with a couple of the other elites, was to survive long enough for Apocalypse to kill it off. I tried Nether Faerie Dragon and Life Exchange, but it didn’t work as well.

So, I used the Roach to cast Apocalypse then used the Whelpling and Lift Off to avoid Whirlpool wherever possible and heal up the other attacks. When dead, I swapped in the Skimmer for Soothe and Cleansing Rain. By the time they were both dead, Apocalypse had one round left and killed him good and proper.

Good luck!

#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 27-32 (N,O,P)

We are back on the #IntPiPoMo after a couple of weeks unplanned break. Sorry we weren’t able to get this finished in time for November, but better late than never, right?

N – Night Elf and Nethergarde Keep

Aviary Photo_130309784490730473

I have two Nelfs and they’re both very dear to my heart. I love how refined they are! A little bit vain though… I was questing near Nethergarde Keep, so this is why it made it to my ‘N’ picture category.

O – Outland and Orebor Harborage

Aviary Photo_130309784313602077

Outland is rather iconic, how could we not include it? Orebor is another place we were questing in yesterday when I started thinking about ‘O’.  It’s a rather beautiful place, nestled amongst the mushrooms!

P – Pets and Pandas

Aviary Photo_130309784179407905

Two of my favourite things in WoW currently! I’m really into pet battling and collecting pets and I’m also really into Pandas. I’ve now levelled 3 out of the starting zone before realising I can’t be bothered going to 90 😀

See you soon for Q, R and S!

Skitterer Xi’a

Here’s my strategy for Skitterer Xi’a, the beasts of fable pet, located in Krasarang Wilds.

Aviary Photo_130261462528097149

Pet Setup

Aviary Photo_130261462700850283


I used a team of all flying pets for this fight, using as many nukes and avoidances as possible.

I first dotted it up with Cyclone and then used Lift Off and Slicing Wind til my Petrel was dead. Then, Glowfly dotted him up and nuked til dead. Finally, Silky Moth came in to finish him off with Moth Balls.

A relatively simple nuke tactic for Xi’a. Worked like a charm!

Good luck!

Monday Moan #3

Stable Masters.


Bane of my life!

This week I decided to stop pussy-footing around and start pet battling properly. I have actually really enjoyed it – after a few days of battling I have a lovely little team and I’m quite happily finishing my Eastern Kingdoms Tamer achievement. I have employed a method of battling 2 or 3 zones higher than my team for the difficulty bonus which, obviously, involves me needing to heal a LOT.

However, stable masters have become a bone of contention — why does every zone not have one? Why are there not stable masters in every major town? If there is a flight point, surely it would be equally logical to have a stable master? I spend a large amount of my time flying back to the nearest stable master to heal my pets. If they don’t want to put stable masters in every zone, why can Blizzard not make bandages craftable – something in line with First Aid would work wonders.

Now, I understand a lot of this is to slow people down – fair enough. I also realise if you were playing it in the right zone you wouldn’t need to heal as often and so could use your ‘revive pets’ cooldown – fair enough. However, there must be a compromise somewhere, I know I’m not the only one doing this.

I know this has been moaned about a lot on the forums, so I won’t go on but it really is annoying!

Feel better now. See you next week.