Lil’ Oony

Lil’ Oondasta, the pet of choice of Tommy Newcomer… a rather sweet faced boy located on the Timeless Isle.

Aviary Photo_130279544018479143

Little Oony is a massive pain in the bum… very similar to his grown up counter part. He looks bloomin’ amazing though, I so want one! However, the lure of 500 coins a day towards the 100k for the mount was hard to resist.

Anyway, FULL CREDIT for the strategy to beat this guy goes to @WoWRounded – link to the article here.

The technique has worked every time I have used it without fail, and only requires two pets to execute. Before I found this strategy, I was hopelessly killing pet after pet trying to figure out how to stop Oony’s Frill Blast from eating my mechanicals.

So, which pets to use?

My trusty Clockwork Gnome with Build Turret, and the Zandalari Kneebiter with Black Claw and Hunting Party. The third pet doesn’t matter as long as its health is lower than the Kneebiter. I use whichever low level pet I have to hand.


As I said, @WoWRounded’s is flawless. The article (which you should read!) explains is great detail, but condensed down is basically:

1. Start with the Gnome and Build Turret

2. Oony will swap out the Gnome for the Kneebiter, so use Black Claw then Hunting Party. This should take him down to about 20% health. If you’re lucky, Oony will miss and you’ll get another in, which will finish him off.

3. If the previous step doesn’t kill him, swap the Gnome back in and finish him off with a bash to the head.

I know this requires these two particular pets, but I use the Gnome in most fights at the moment, and the Kneebiter is really easy to get – and cheapish on the AH too.

Thank you @WoWRounded for helping me finally beat this beast!



Wastewalker Shu

Here’s my strategy for Mr Shu, located just outside the Klaxx’i hub.

Aviary Photo_130261480135780252

Pet Setup

Aviary Photo_130261480013513599

I used these pets, with abilities shown, to counter his pets, Crusher, Pounder and Mutilator.


Crusher  came first and by using the Faerie Dragon’s Moonfire and Slicing Wind he was a gonner. With Pounder, I used Life Exchange then Slicing Wind til my Dragon was dead. Next, Pounder cast Sandstorm so I countered with Cleansing Rain on the Water Skimmer and used the other abilities til Pounder died.

Finally, Mutilator took out my poor Skimmer’s remaining health quickly, so I swapped to the Idol and punched him in the face til he died.

A relatively stress free fight with these pets. Good luck!


Here’s the strategy I used to beat this little guy, found in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. He seems chilled, hanging out on his mat, being comfy.

Aviary Photo_130261494729329249

Pet Setup

I actually used the same setup I did for Skittering Xi’a, just in a different order:

Aviary Photo_130261494916113463


I reckon I could have solo’d this guy with a Moth if it had been level 25. It has all the things you need!

First off, I started with the Petrel and dotted it with Cyclone then nuked it using Wind. I passed when No-No used its Dam ability as it doesn’t cause me any damage. When he burrowed, I used Lift Off to avoid it. Rinse and repeat til my Petrel died and No-No was at about 50% health.

Then, using the Moth, I adopted the same strategy. Using Moth Balls and Wind with Cocoon Strike to avoid the Burrow. It didn’t hold out that long, but after my Moth died, I swapped in the Glowfly and with a couple of Wind hits, No-No went down.

Good luck!

Farmer Nishi

I’ve been pet battling a lot more now that I have some spare time and I was really tempted by levelling pets quicker by using the Grand Master Tamers – one of which is Ms Nishi.

Aviary Photo_130255350781824013

I tend to all my pet levelling around Halfill, as there’s a stable master with lots of pets close by. Nishi stands there and stares at me… challenging me with that sweet face of hers. Hmph. So anyway, after a bit of experimentation, I managed to get her down with minimum fuss using the following set of pets:

Aviary Photo_130255351063723655

All are rare and only the Idol was level 25. I’m power levelling the Minfernal, so this is the one I can’t count on. The Strider I hoped would manage even at level 23 – I wasn’t disappointed.


The pets Nishi uses are:

Siren – I started with the Minfernal. Used the Meteor Strike then swapped it out. Siren then casts sunlight, which was hurting all my pets, so I swapped in the Strider and used Cleansing Rain to get rid of it. I then used the other two abilities and the Sunlower died quickly.

Toothbreaker – again, I used the Strider to solo this pet using mostly Water Jet. By the end though, it wasn’t looking that healthy and I wanted to level it up, so I renewed Rain.

Brood of Mothallus – the Idol solo’d this easily with Demolish. No problemo!

As always, I’m not an expert, but as long as you use a pet which can soak the first attack by the Sunflower (I’m not sure a level 1 would, but I haven’t tried it!), then these other two pets would get her down easy peasy.

Good Luck!



I find it hard to get guides which tell you explicitly which pets you need to defeat which tamer. I am not too good at remembering which pet is strong or weak against another, so I hope this might help you decide too.

Mo’ruk is located near to the Anglers Warf and The Incursion. His hang out place looks pretty cool. Lots of fun inflatables!


Anyway, his 3 pets are: a rather cute Jungle Grub, a Luyu Moth and the Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling. The team I used to beat them are:

Aviary Photo_130212488192887657

..with those abilities shown.

It took a couple of tries to get the order of abilities right. The grub (the first pet up) always burrows on the second go, so that’s when I built my rocket, then released it after it had burrowed, ensuring I didn’t waste it. This did enough damage so all I had to do was punch him in the face and he was dead.

The moth didn’t do a huge amount of damage compared to the others, but with all the poisons the damage over time was pretty harsh. Slicing wind and moonfire from the Nether Faerie Dragon handled it ok. Finally, the Hatchling does a pretty powerful powerball type ability which does some damage, but I dotted it with the poisons and after a couple of slicing winds from the Glowfy it was dead.

As always, I’m not an expert by any means, but these pets will do the job if you’re not looking to power level another at the same time.

My Pet Battle Journey

I know you all think it’s Pokémon and I know you all think I’m acting like I’m 12 years old, but it’s so addictive!

Mr B thinks I’m crazy (I nod and smile!!) but I’ve recently been spending lots of time levelling up a rare quality of every pet family so I can zip through the achievements for battling.

Starting Out

Aviary Photo_130103289513230454

I originally started levelling an Oxynian Whelpling, Clockwork Gnome and a Spider. I always default back to this team for several reasons:

  1. I find the self-heals on the Whelpling and Spider very useful, especially if I make a mistake and need to get myself out of trouble
  2. The fact that I mostly battle critters and beats (which the Gnome and Spider excel at) whilst levelling
  3. The Oxynian Whelpling and Gnome have a lovely ability each which deals a ‘get me out of trouble’ move: Lift-Off and Blitz respectively.

I recommend you pick a team of different types for obvious reasons. I also think the rarer the better – all of mine are rare quality, but you certainly won’t be too held back by using greens for your starter team.


I laboriously levelled these all to 25 by – after following advice from a friend – going to a zone 3 or 4 levels above their current level. This gives lovely ‘Difficulty xp’ which makes it that much quicker to level up. Especially in your first team where you can’t use other high level pets to power level. If you hover above the zone on your map, it will show you the level for pet battling underneath. Red means difficult, green means easy etc. as a general guide.


After I had the 3 at level 25, I started on the quests to defeat each of the tamers in each continent. This has obvious bonuses: namely the loot bag at the end with pet bandages and battle stones, but also the achievement points.

Initially, I struggled on some in Outland and Northrend, so it was there that I decided to level a couple more pets of different types to help me out:

  • Water Waveling which is strong against Mechanical and Elemental
  • Bandicoon / Masked Tanuki have Powerball which is useful (I was stuck on Okrut Dragonwaste in Dragonblight so I levelled two of these which defeated him easily)
  • Nether Faerie Dragon: one of my favourites, useful in so many situations with Moonfire and Life Exchange!


Once I had completed all but the Pandaria tamer achievements, I decided that to give myself the best advantage (and a bit more practice!), I would level one of each family to 25. I ended up with this:

Humanoid: Corefire Imp

Dragonkin: Nether Faerie Dragon / Oxynian Whelpling

Flying: Effervescent Glowfly

Undead: Scourged Whelpling (only level 21 green at the moment)

Critter: Bandicoon / Masked Tanuki

Magic: Nordrassil Wisp (level 21)

Elemental: Water Waveling / Electrified Razortooth (level 24 – I LOVE this pet, looks so cute and has some great attacks)

Beast: Ash Spiderling / Elder Python (I got the snake for the burrow and poisons)

Aquatic: Dancing Water Skimmer (I rarely use this one though – the Waveling has aquatic and elemental attacks – 2 in 1!)

Mechanical: Clockwork Gnome

Power Levelling

Once I had two pets at 25, levelling the rest were easy. I picked a spot near a stable master with plenty of things to battle – either Halfhill or the Shrine. I put the low level pet in the first slot and hit the challenger once before swapping it out. I then defeat the opposing team with my remaining two (usually Spider and a dragonkin of some kind) and enjoy the difficulty bonus of about 500xp. I swap out pets if they get too low in health, then use the Revive Pet button when I have none left or if that is on cooldown, fly to the nearby stable master. Rinse and repeat. 4 battles per level, 4-5 mins per battle… you do the maths.

There are quicker ways to do this (the master tamer dailies for example, which give 1000’s of xp), but I level my pets whilst queuing in LFR and find flying to find the tamers rather tedious. Just my personal preference 🙂

Next Steps

I farmed a Lofty Libram today which I have wanted for a long time as it looks so cool:

Aviary Photo_130104057656732244

Unfortunately, after a lot of farming I had only got one of poor quality. I either need to go back (which I don’t particularly fancy), or use a battle stone. I think I’ll go and do some dailies…!

I am now working my way up to the Pandaren Spirit Tamers – I need a couple of specific pets at 25 before I attempt them, so wish me luck!

Other Information

There is a wealth of info out there for the enthusiast, as I’m sure you know. However, this blog: by a lovely person on twitter (@Liopleurodonic) is a great source of information for all things pet-battle. He provides some great insight to the fights and technicalities which are well worth a read. Go, check it out!