#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 21-26 (K,L,M)

Welcome back! We’re half way through!

K – Kalimdor and King Varian Wrynn

Aviary Photo_130295287690764992

Kalimdor is somewhere I haven’t really explored much, although I have got a lowbie Horde that I’m levelling slowly. King Wrynn? He’s just a dude.

L – Lightwell and Lich King

Aviary Photo_130295285454912758This is the closing cinematic of ICC when you defeat the Lich King, epic, isn’t it! My lovely little Priest with her Lightwell on the right.

M – Monkey (Gib) and Mantid

Aviary Photo_130295294917932861

Here’s my Monk hanging out in Klaxxi with the creepy Mantid. I had to cheat for Gib on the right, although I have him, I’m camping for a rare in Hyjal and didn’t want to revisit my stable to get him out. More on that another time!

Alt Appreciation – Priest Week!

Welcome back to Lae’s Alt Appreciation!

This week, it’s the humble Priest.Class Week

I first rolled a Priest as my 3rd or 4th alt (I can’t quite remember) as I thought it would be easy as it is quite similar to Mage – a caster that is. I first rolled her as Shadow Priest and I really really enjoyed it. I also took loads of screenies levelling up… probably because I was enjoying it (and shadowform) too much:


Anyway, my Priest is a NElf and is currently Holy with a Shadow offspec. I loved dotting and flaying and fearing as shadow, and I even – for once – enjoyed PvP as I found I was really quite survivable with the fears and silences. However, once I reached 90 I decided I really wanted another healer, and enjoyed Holy so much it’s stuck there since. 

Even though she’s sitting around doing very little at the moment, my Priest is the healer I take if the guild needs one in a raid – she’s ok geared and fully gemmed/enchanted and she has some awesome AoE heals with some extremely pretty spell effects. I also love her mog…

Aviary Photo_130212012890441095

My one and only Priest was my ‘main’ for a grand total of about a month. He is a worgen, specced Holy/Disc and my 3rd most well geared character. I do enjoy playing him, and I love the quick LFR queues (we queue together on him for that reason), but I really don’t like that he’s worgen… the hunchback mainly. However, I find healing quite boring, especially in LFR, which means I don’t really ever stick playing the Priest for long periods of time.

Aviary Photo_130212006800636672

I actually started levelling him during Cataclysm, just by healing dungeons. I got to about level 77 and it tailed off as I was playing my DK a lot at this time. This is when I started to become an altoholic, I was swapping characters a lot and this guy saw the worst of it I think. At the start of MoP, I was tanking on my DK and wasn’t enjoying it at all, so I swapped back to the Priest and levelled him next, my second 90.

I think as we write this post, we want to go and play our Priests a little! I really want to master the art that is Discipline healing…