Fishing Extravaganza

For all you budding anglers out there, the daily fishing event is a must. Not only are the pools of great quantity, but the fish sell well on the auction house too. Bonus! It’s a great way to level up your fishing, especially if you spend loads of time queuing for LFR like I do.

WoWScrnShot_081913_175403The event

  • Happens daily in different locations around Pandaria – El’s Anglin’ has all the information on the exact spots.
  • Lots of pools close together with extremely quick respawn rates
  • A fishing raft / levitate / meditation etc is useful to access pools further into each particular area (the middle of the lake for example), but not necessary
  • Fish as normal – no pole or lure needed!

You need more information?

Ben of the Booming Voice…

Aviary Photo_130214051105447096

…located by Halfhill flightpoint near the river (Tomtom co-ords: 58 46), will tell you where the fish of the day is, and will even mark it on your map for you. He’s a nice chap!


There’s a rare to kill!!

Aviary Photo_130214042507317052Krakkanon spawns from a ‘large’ pool when it has been completely fished. These ‘large pools’ spawn every hour or so and contain up to 100 fish. This guy has a lot of health but doesn’t hit very hard – I’ve solo’d it on my level 90 mage (who had an ilvl of about 516 at the time). Just avoid the water jets that he throws around. He drops loot too – lots of fish, the quests for Nat Pagal and even:

Aviary Photo_130214045492780451

… which is pretty cool.

I hope this helps you enjoy fishing in some really beautiful locations in Pandaria.

Happy fishing!

A Marriage Made in Warcraft?

Mrs B and Mr B.

Playing together as a married couple is definitely not without its ups and downs. Our current set up is Mr B on the TV screen and Mrs B on the sofa on her laptop – not ideal, but until we can afford dual screen awesomeness, it’ll have to do.

So, the CONS:

  • Definitely having a seasoned professional sitting 5 feet from you and refusing to help… how rediculous!!
  • Constantly wanting help on every little thing. Then moaning when I don’t know the answer.
  • Getting ganked and my Knight in Shining Armour not coming to rescue me. What’s all that about?
  • Complaining constantly… e.g., when she gets ganked by a big group and I won’t help – she knows I hate PvP! Hmph, why play on a PvP server then :p
  • He spends gold, I save it. He ‘borrows’ it for gear and I never see it again. Pffft.
  • She sits on old mats worth 100’s thousand of gold she might need some time then never actually uses them… then goes on to complain that all her toons bags and banks are full.
  • Linked accounts. Gah. We originally did it so I could have my character transferred across but I work so hard for my achievements – like Loremaster – then he gets the credit too *sulks* Blah blah!
  • Asuming I know what he’s talking about when he says stuff with lots of acronyms.
  • Asking me the same questions day after day because she forgets e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g…
  • Disagreeing over the guild and how it’s ran. Disagreeing over tactics in raid. Disagreeing over what to do next. That’s because you’re wrong :p
  • Telling me how to run the guild even though I’m the GM. They’re helpful suggestions. Honest!
  • Him calling me by my WoW name IRL… I AM NOT A GNOME! Yes, she is.


  • I kind of now understand his, well, our hobby. It’s nice to share something together as well as being with friends (even if it’s not IRL!).
  • Being able to play whenever I want because she will aswell 😀
  • We have a lovely 2 healer / tank and healer / tank and DPS set up going on, so if we decide to 2 man instances or raids, or grind dungeons for gear, we can and secretly laugh at the idiots in dungeon finder.
  • Always having somebody to talk to and group with while playing.
  • Sharing achievements… Sometimes.
  • Sharing achievements… Always. WIN.
  • Having lots of characters to use for professions and gathering… helps with all kinds of things.
  • Having someone to level all of my profession and gather mats for achievements. Minimal effort, maximum output.
  • Having lots of fun trying to two-man bosses
  • Well, it’s fun until the 3rd wipe because she gets distracted by shoes or handbags 😉

Overall, I think – like any couple – it’s nice to have a hobby to share and we have lots of fun playing WoW together. However, moderation is definitely the key!

WoWScrnShot_011813_231725Us together