Monday Moan #23

I drafted out this Monday Moan a week early… oh dear.

This week I’m going to be moaning about the kicking system in World of Warcraft.


As you know, we’ve been levelling from 1-90 as a group of 4 with some friends of ours. One problem we have been coming across time and time again is flaws with the kicking system. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s there for a reason, but when you need it to work and it doesn’t? Very frustrating.

Let me illustrate this for you. We queue for a dungeon and the pug hunter is needing for everything he can. We ask him nicely to stop. He doesn’t. We try to kick, but the system won’t let us kick him for X minutes. Or whilst we’re in combat. The hunter knows this and starts chain pulling so we can’t kick. We either fight it, or die. All we wanted to do was run for quick xp and some new gear, but one person is spoiling the exercise for us all and we are powerless to stop it.

Another example: a healer who won’t heal. Or a tank who won’t do his job. Or a hunter who won’t turn pet taunt off. Or someone ninja pulling. Or a druid in the wrong form. If you’re anything like us, we’ll always ask nicely for the problem to be solved. If you’re also like us, then these people will ignore you, or say “GO” in /s (which I hate by the way) and then you are not able to kick them due to the flaws in the kicking system.

I don’t WANT to kick people. However, when you’re queuing for the sole purpose of some upgraded gear, or for some quick XP and some moron is stopping you achieving that on purpose? There should be a system in place to resolve it.

I know there are people that abuse the system, and I know that the other options – i.e., not needing a majority for the kick or kicking too often – wouldn’t work. However, as I always say, this isn’t a rational post weighing up the pros and cons, but a moan about the problems of my week. I’m sure you all have these gripes, especially with not being able to kick an idiot in LFG. Right?