Monday Moan #9



I know I’m British and that is what we do best… but this drives me completely CRAZY:

Aviary Photo_130103420381167469

Really?! A 49minute AVERAGE wait time? 35minutes in the queue and only 2 people grouped? Madness. There should be real time updates for the queues so you can actually see how many people are being grouped with you, not just block queuing when you’re nearly ready to enter.

This is also quite rediculous:

Aviary Photo_130103420642172663

How can you have an average wait time of 6minutes when you’ve been in the queue for nearly triple that time? How can, at peak times like the weekend or early evening, with the hundreds of Warcraft players online (so much so there are wait times to get on the damn server!), there be a sixteen… or worse… FOURTY-NINE MINUTE wait time for a raid?!

You know what else really annoys me?

Akso, people queuing with healers or tanks for a boost, only for them to leave when inside. This is annoying for several key reasons, the most important being that the following 10 minute wait for a replacement when inside the raid, is no more fun than outside. In fact, you have to spend 10 minutes watching the /i chat, usually full of arrogant elitist idiots who pull trash too early and then die.

What makes it even worse is that chances are, when you finally get a full group, they’re all full of idiots who continuously wipe because they can’t work together.

I feel sorry for those people who don’t have a lot of time to play Warcraft, yet probably spend 99% of their online time trying to valour cap and get their gear. It can’t be fun spending all your time queuing and not even being able to see where about in that queue you are.

I mean, it’s not like it’s reliable information so you can go get a cup of tea whilst you wait – you always have to keep one eye out incase the queue does pop and you have to rush to accept it, dropping your teabag all over the sideboard in the process.

Oh wait, then someone will just drop out and you’re back to square one.