After yesterday’s exploits I thought I’d go for a quick run around Molton Front and Hyjal to see if any of the rares were up… and Deth’tilac was!!


Deth’tilac, Spider, Molton Front

This was a really hard tame which Mr B did really well at mastering it after a couple of attempts.

Key Points

  • Can’t tame under 20% and hits like a truck, so this is a kiting tactic
  • Take a friend with a rooting spell, such as a druid or a shaman with an earthbind totem
  • Have your pet out for this, it will help a great deal
  • The area you have is very small, so make sure you know the area you have to move and don’t fall off the cliff

Taming Strategy

  •  Have concussive shot, frost trap, revive pet and arcane shot where you can reach them easily. A spider pet is ideal (it has a web) but any pet is fine
  • Deth’tilac will use a move called Deth Strike which will one-shot anything in melée range, but give a 10% damage to the spider. Therefore, you will need to sacrifice your pet in order to damage the boss enough for you to tame. Of course, you could kite it round but that would take a long time.
  • Keep up concussive shot, frost trap and wait for him to use the ability on your pet. When he does, your pet will die and you need to get as far away as possible to revive pet before he catches you. Rinse and repeat. If you root it, it will cause the ability to happen, so a friend with this ability (or a spider pet) will make it quicker. We found Feigning Death works as it transfers all aggro onto your pet, thus causing the ability to proc.
  • Once at 20%, get as far away as possible using your slows, dismiss pet and tame.

It’s a fantastic looking pet, a must-have I think, so good luck!