So Close, Yet So Far.

So Close, Yet So Far.

Many of you have probably been following my never ending narrative on Twitter about my never ending quest for the never ending Pathfinder achievement.


I still rage quit a lot TBF.


Yep, love flying!

2017-07-10 14.25.59

If you remove the questing-for-a-purpose element from questing, it *almost* becomes enjoyable. In some parts of the world. Sometimes.


Loved doing this questline. Credit where credit is due. Etc.

Let’s get this straight from the start:
1. I know, and appreciate, that this was weeks worth of content. Blizz did good.

2. Suramar, for those who like story, is fab. Scenery is beautiful. Zone is well thought out. Movement around the zone, although irritating, is good.

3. I like that I’m not just killing demons all the time.

4. I appreciate catch up mechanics for Alts have been well thought out.

5. I average around 1.5hours of play a day, all being well. I’m not including Mr B in this as he doesn’t do grinds. No way, this is her idiocy, I gave up long ago… I’d rather walk.

6. I understand why gating mechanics are there and they serve a purpose for which, in current content, is needed.

HOWEVER… this grind is too damn long. I decided about a month ago that it was pointless trying to do other stuff I’m desperate to do like fishing for the artifact and pet battling when everything would be quicker and easier with flying. So for the past few weeks I have been focusing entirely on finishing the storylines I missed in questing, and getting the rep I need.



It seems though, I’m now gated by Rep.

We are all familiar with a rep grind. In fact, I quite like an old fashioned rep grind. But this isn’t just a pew pew rep grind. This is a You-Can-Only-Earn-A-Certain-Amount-Of-Rep-Per-Day-Because-This-Content-Has-To-Last-A-Patch rep grind. These types of rep grind NEED TO ROLL OVER AND DIE.

Here’s what I reckon. I’m no mathematician, so forgive the rounded numbers:

  • Av. 5 WQ / session online = 75-250 rep = average 500-700rep daily (more if I’m lucky with the elite quests!)
  • Feed all NPCs = 200-300 rep daily
  • Withered training (once or twice weekly, I’m rubbish at it though!!) = 300rep
  • Emissary once weekly = 1500
  • Kirin Tor quests once weekly (I’m so bad, Mr B has to do them for me, he couldn’t this week though so I missed it) = 1500 rep

Plus odd quests, rewards from missions etc = av. 100 rep daily?

Equals around about 7500 rep per week? IF I get everything done in my limited time. I need 22k rep for the final quest line… it’ll take me nearly A MONTH to do get flying. Baring in mind of course, I have to factor in things like farming the mana, completing the quest lines (which means I don’t then have time to farm the WQ) and doing the Invasion, which without flying takes me usually about 40mins.

See why I’m discouraged?! Maybe the stars will align and I’ll get a nice run of elite WQ or something, but I’m starting to get a big miffed they haven’t removed this rep gating yet.


The Daily Grind

Mrs B:


I am as yet undecided about the huge numbers of dailies in MoP. I love achievements, so they do appeal to my perfectionist nature. We have also been working towards our 50 exalted reputations and so they have been a welcome change to killing the same mobs for hours. However, what I am struggling to understand is why I have to do them on all characters that I need the better gear on.


My usual set up is my Mage as my main – all professions are maxed (primary and secondary), I do all achievements on her and all dailies. I play Resto Shammy for the guild and love healing.. and only healing. I have done two professions to complement the mage but no cooking or fishing etc. The hunter is for pretending to be a zookeeper and ninja-pulling in dungeons and nothing else. No, I’m joking… honest 😉

Currently, I am doing (in order of priority, depending on how arduous my day has been):

  • Firelands (I want the mount!)
  • Golden Lotus (ditto – 3k off as of today!)
  • Shado-Pan (I’ll only do these one’s if Mr B is with me as a bodyguard!)
  • August Celestials
  • Operation Shieldwall
  • Low level cooking (usually in Stormwind – for the Chef Award)

Bearing mind I have already done:

  • All cooking to get Master of The Ways
  • Cloud Serpent (for a mount which I never use)
  • Tillers (ditto, although selling the excess veg got me a lot of gold!)
  • Sha’tari Skyguard
  • Shattered Sun (the title was definitely worth it)

These, of course, do not include the others we did before the start of MoP. However, with the introduction of MoP, as I heal for the Guild, I’ve started to realise that I’m either going to have to do dailies for the valour gear OR we need to find a new healer.

I have never DPS’d on my Shaman – and although I should perhaps relish the challenge – this really isn’t what I play it for. Should I suck it up and get on with it? What do you think about that little blue exclamation mark?