Gaining Approval of the Kurenei

This week, I have been working towards my 59th rep, and after a couple of days of old-school grinding, I had it.

That rep is Kurenei, with the Ogres of Nagrand.

Aviary Photo_130503640410483496

I’m going to write a tiny post about how I went about gaining that rep. There might be more efficient ways to farm it, but this suited my current on/off mood.

Location (unscientifically tested!)

1. Northwind Cleft

  • 31 ogres to kill per lap
  • takes about 2mins per lap
  • 6-8 beads gained (including respawns on the way back)
  • Start outside, kill and loot all. In cave, turn right until you can’t. Turn 180 then follow same proceedure. Lots of ores in this cave too.
  • Pros: nice circular route, fast respawning ogres, good mining nodes
  • Cons: lots of levellers and popular with other rep grinders as lots of websites suggest this site



Start here, enter cave and keeeeel.

2. Laughing Skull Ruins (near ring of blood)

  • 29-32 ogres to kill per lap
  • takes about 2mins per lap
  • 10-12 beads gained (including any respawns en route)
  • Start at one end and work your way across vertically following the mini village layout
  • Pros: more beads, out in the open (I hate caves!)
  • Cons: heavily contested by levellers and others in the area

Rep Gain

  • Make sure you do all the relevant quests, this should take you to almost revered
  • You get 11 rep per ogre plus the Warbeads you can hand in at Telaa. I handed the beads in every 100 stack, but others prefer to save those towards Consortium rep and just grind ogres. I personally find that a bit soul destroying, but each to their own.

To summarise – it’s a mean grind but you feel it goes quite quickly as you have quest items to hand in for instant reward. You pick up a LOT of netherweave cloth too – stacks of the stuff – so that’s a nice perk. Lots of competition for mobs though, so I always did it later at night.

Hope this helps!


I totally forgot to share…!

Warcraft news wise, we haven’t had a lot to share, which is unfortunate as the blog suffers. We refuse to post for the sake of posting, so we hope you’ll keep checking back for other gaming news and such until something happens on WoW worth blogging about.

However, up until last month, something DID keep us (well, me) logging in each and every day… EMPEROR SHAOHAO rep.

By far, the longest, dullest, hardest and most mind-numbing(est) rep I have ever done. When I completed it, it was my 58th rep, but honestly, I did it for the mount. It’s sooooo beautiful!


I didn’t grind really, I tried to do the dailies and weeklies plus upto about 15 mobs a day pure killing. However, those of you who know me, know I can’t play Mon-Weds, so it always delays my rep gain using dailies. I tried to kill a few in a rep group at the weekend to make up the lost rep, but all-in-all, it took me about 3 months start to finish. Nightmare.

The one good point about this rep was that being on the Timeless Isle meant I could boost pals on lowbie alts through the beginning quests and some rares as I’m that well geared I can solo most of them (excluding the Ship and Huolon of course. We almost two manned it once, but we fell at the last hurdle! 😉

Anyway, it’s been nice to share this (perhaps overdue) achievement, so until next time!

Furblogs and Timbermaw Hold

Today I was casually farming for my Winterspring cub, when I realised that by killing the Furblogs I was gaining Timbermaw rep – 22 rep per kill was adding up and I was already honoured with Timbermaw Hold. Off I went to Wowhead (which has a brilliant guide by the way) to discover that it’s an insanely quick rep guide! Bonus!


I was already honoured, from levelling and doing Loremaster, so I only needed about 30k of rep. I decided to do a couple of final quests then grind the furblogs by the lake in Felwood for the feathers to hand in. You can also grind them Winterspring side for the beads, but the mobs are more spread out so it’s not as time efficient.

Anyway, off I went to do laps around the lake and within an hour, I was exalted.


There is an achievement for being exalted with both Timbermaw and Kurenai. We already had this though. For me, it meant I finally hit 40 exalted reputations. The achievement for exalted also made me /giggle:

Aviary Photo_130254522850742783

I also got some enchanting and tailoring recipes I was missing when I hit friendly, so it’s worth doing it if you’re a completionist like myself and want all the recipes for your professions.

At exalted, you can also buy an item which changes you into a furblog!! Jealous much?

Aviary Photo_130254522998183549Can you spot the imposter Mage?