Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #5

You as an NPC

I must admit I spent way too long lost in my imagination for this topic! Isn’t it everyone’s dream to have an NPC named after them?!
I would, of course, be a Gnome mage with silver hair. No Horde traitor stuff for me – it would be a bonus for being a loyal Alliance 😉

My gnome has always had pigtails (not one to be sitting in the hairdressers!) and all my characters have the same colour hair… no idea why, but at alt #4 it kind of became my “thing” so I rolled with it. 

I love this tribute to Robin Williams!

Me and Mr B would be living in a little cottage somewhere close to town – Elwynn Forest maybe – and I would have a little veg patch, a library and a music room. 

My character would wonder around her plot doing some gardening, fishing, reading and playing music, depending on the time of day. She would definitely have lots of small critter friends around her. She would get grumpy if you interrupted her, but ultimately be happy to show you around or help you with something. 

As for quests, she would offer an eclectic range of quests mostly based on teaching new skills (I’m a bit of “jack of all trades” IRL) – offering small skill ups for the key professions (fishing, archaeo, cooking) pet battle quests and I’d love to offer a musical instrument vanity item or toy which you had to do a small quest chain to earn… playing for the King maybe? Getting friendly with me by doing small musical challenges to earn a toy?

That’d be so cool.

I see myself as a Human, either a rogue or a DK. I’ve played these most over the years.

I would hand out quests for PvP, telling you to go and kill XYZ and bring me their heads for epic loots. I would also offer rewards for PvP achievements and cool looking gear.

I’m not sure where I’d be based. My gut instinct was Alterac Valley, but I’m not sure how the logistics would work. Logically, one of the bigger cities – Stormwind? – surrounded by my enemies heads and racks of impressive armour. I’m fairly antisocial, so I can’t see myself with the other PvP vendors BUT somewhere nearby in my own little space.