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I adore this tiger, he has unique blue eyes and a really lovely coat. GO GET HIM NOW!

Key Points

  • Found in Jade Forest
  • You must be level 85 to tame – so this is a good option if you’re new into the MoP content
  • He does not aggro, but, like all MoP trackables, he stealths so can not be picked up using NPC scan

Taming Strategy

  • I followed this map along his route – it’s long and windy, meandering through lots of damn hostile mobs… I’d stay on a flying mount (if you can!). The lady who runs this site is amazing, full credit to her for this map – please support the hard work she does!
  • As with most trackable pets for MoP, you’re looking for his ‘bloody tracks’ and then following them in the direction they’re facing. They will disappear after a few minutes from the back of his route as new ones are made at the front

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  • As always, when you reach the end of the trail, fire your flare in front of where you think he is. When he appears, stick a hunters mark on him to stop him going into stealth. This also makes him invisible to other hunters.
  • The tame is easy when you’re ready. He also doesn’t aggro, so you don’t need deterrence etc.

As a hunter pet, he really isn’t anything special… he has Prowl like all cats, but nothing that rocks my world. However, as a cat, he looks amazing (see the pic below where he’s prowling around Jade Forest!!) and I use him when I’m casually skinning or doing dailies out in the world.

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Happy Taming!