Mrs B’s hunter pet obsession.

I think it’s safe to assume that most hunters are really into having a good-looking pet. Well, I am definitely one of those hunters.

My hunter is my 3rd (and final!) alt. After levelling to about level 40, Mr B informed me that I could get different types of pets. After level 60, he mentioned Spirit Beasts and rares. Apparently, he left it so late ‘for my own good’… pfft. He was right though, I have died venturing into parts unknown for these damn pets.

However, yesterday, I stumbled across Ban’thalos in Hyjal. I faffed for ages, reading wowhead and getting scared about how difficult he was to tame. In the end, it went for it and it was fine, yay! All I did was mount up over the Statue of Malorne, arcane shot, deterrance, landed on the top of the statue and tamed. Was down to 15k health after the fall though, so don’t try it below 300k hp!


I’m a little bit miffed Blizzard won’t let me name it Ban’thalos (I like to keep my rares in their original name) so he’s Banthalos instead.

My current pet list includes:

  • Terropene (tamed by chance)
  • Arcturis (3 day camping extravaganza)
  • Ghostcrawler (2 day camp… and I loathe swimming!)
  • Casper, the Ghost Saber cat from Darkshore (a really nice pet for low levels – all you have to do is click the figurines – it takes about half an hour)
  • Weedle the GIANT worm from Pandaria (he’s amazing!)
  • Darwin the Gorilla
  • Archemides the Owl
  • Barney the Raptor (/Dinosaur, but Mr B says it’s a Raptor… blah blah)
  • Bach the Core Hound
  • Aristo the Cat
  • Squirt the Turtle
  • Chime the Chimaera (looks really pretty – appeals to my girly-side!)



So, which do you think I’m missing and should go for next? I’ve been considering Gondria…