Every Day I’m Shufflin’

… shuffling on towards flying. Considering we only get an hour or so a day each on the PC these days, the rep is slowly – but surely – building up towards revered. Another couple of days and I’ll have most of them, providing I keep doing those WQ. Can’t wait, I miss flying. I’m not one to moan about how Blizzard decide to create their game, and I understand why they don’t want flying at launch… I even kinda understand why there’s a stupidly long grind to get it. I also quite enjoy exploring on foot. 


Nothing beats soaring through the skies. And not having to kill 4 million mobs just to get to an Ancient Mana node. I did get the cool fox mount though…


Not much else to report my end. Just plugging away and getting gear upgrades when I can. 873 now, and only set foot into LFR once – zoned in on the Guldan fight.

– Mr B

I have also been pottering around… WQ here, dungeons there, some professions, some pet battles, some random campaign quests. I have largely avoided Suramar (if you read regularly, you understand our tenuous relationship), but I have managed to complete several storyline quests which gave me some nice AP and profession upgrades.

I’ve also mogged and finally put that zookeeper enchant on my shoulders – only to get an upgrade (I didn’t think I would – it was 880 or something!), so I’m 1000g down. Since when did transmog get so expensive?! It’s like they’ve added a VAT on clothes >.<


I REALLY loved doing this little enchanting questline for Tigrid. You have to help her ‘come alive’ again, by visiting her little cottage (surrounded by yaks in Stormheim, very cute!!) and re-enchanting her items. When you’ve finished, all her books are flying around and the curious crates are poking their tongues out. It’s lovely. She also has some cool stuff for sale. Just sayin’.


What have you all been upto this week? Twitter has been fairly quiet, perhaps the nice weather is forcing people outside?!